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11 Conjured Stories by MariJo Moore

Reviewed by Stephanie A. Sellers, Ph.D.

Native American Studies educator

Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA

The book 11 Conjured Stories is an invitation to

MariJo Moore’s newest Story-fire. Come and sit

next to me for a spell. Let me tell you what I

heard behind Moore’s words as the flames

danced in her eyes, page after page. Humanity,

Earth, and all her creatures need so much right

now. Innumerable environmental groups, social

analysts, historians, politicians and economists

are talking as fast as they can to solve our problems. Like most folks, they are worried. They’re scared. The rivers are drying up. The forests are burning. Plastic straws are killing sea turtles. Again yesterday we saw a man killed on the streets of America. Leaders are running data and computer programs thinking they can hold this destruction in their hands. They’re putting everything on spreadsheets and the daily news, sensing this is a way to control, to stop it. As much as this information is important, their numbers often act like a compass of doom that keeps pointing to pain, as if suffering stops suffering. Yet, they have their sacred part in this moment in time, as we all do. 11 Conjured Stories is MariJo Moore’s sacred part. What we so desperately need more of right now are Story-fires. Talking circles. Sacred dreamers who make space to tell their dreams. We need much more of what cannot be contained, that exists beyond formula, beyond human intellectual comprehension, that can only be sensed by Heart and what only confounds and confuses Mind. We need conjuring. We need Conjurers to have space to tell their visions that come from other worlds, from circles of time that overlap ours where the words of Ancestors freely join conversations of the living in this dimension. We need a different kind of voice to get-in on these conversations about where we are falling to and how we can re-build as we collapse. We need those who remember how to listen to other worlds to have respectful space to be heard. In traditional spaces on every continent of this planet, Elders who dream into other worlds are honored, welcomed. When they speak, others know to hush, to listen deeply and allow Imagination to step forward and lead them. We need new compasses that point to the best of humanity, to our essential natures of connection, Love, and Spirit, to find our way through these times. Moore’s newest book calls us to the global Story-fire of healing and possibilities where ancestor

spirits and dreams are a norm, not a forgotten and suspicious fringe experience often scoffed at by modern folks. No matter who our Ancestors are, we all come from people, no matter how long ago, who honored dreamers, shamans, and conjurers. Moore’s work reminds us of this truth and gives readers permission to enter the dreams she has conjured, trusting her voice guiding us through the labyrinth of words and images she has returned with from the sacred spaces where she has traveled. Courageous from the journey, we can bring the experience of eternal possibility with us to address the most pressing issues of our times, knowing we are doing so firmly on the roots of traditions Moore is bravely sharing with we fortunate ones sitting at her Story-fire.

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