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2021 2022 Capital Campaign

Greetings from Whisper n Thunder!

We begin first and foremost that as the WNT Board of Directors, we hope this letter finds you well, and those you care about well and at peace. So many of us have experienced such trauma, know that you are never far from our thoughts and hopes for the best of tomorrows.

Even during the pandemic, Whisper n Thunder continued her work. Our authors wrote and shared at The issues are published four times a year and our authors speak from their varied levels of diversity, experience and history. Our authors receive honorariums for their contributions, and are the only regular financial compensations at Whisper n Thunder. Our entire Board does the day to day work of Whisper n Thunder as volunteers.

Even during the pandemic, our creative juices and desire to evolve continued. We launched our first webinar led by new Board of Directors member Sarah King. Attended by far more people than we ever anticipated with a new venture, the impact was certain, and held our attention to continue webinars as part of our ongoing vision and implementation.

Even during the pandemic, both our EREZ Emergency Funds were supported by you, our donors, and in particular our WINDS Scholarship program flourished. This year our WINDS applicants - always outstanding - carried a new data point. Our applicants spanned a widened geographic margin, with students applying from Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon and Utah. We were completely delighted with this expansion in applicant geography! Perhaps you are aware that we expanded our scholarships to three scholarships with the top award of $2,500.00. We believe that education and academic excellence is key to a successful future.

And yes, even during the pandemic, there was a different aspect to Whisper n Thunder this year. We were keenly aware of the nature of “family” that our organization leads from. We heard the concerns of our board members. We heard the concerns of our authors and artists. And through our four Facebook sites, we heard the concerns of you, our donors. We will get through this - together in the ways we can.

As with all organizations, we ask for your continued financial support so that we can continue to support those in need, support our scholars, compensate our authors, hold our webinars, and grow Whisper n Thunder to all she can be.

Thank you. In advance, know that we are grateful for your help.

Russ Letica                                
Chair, Four Feathers Capital Campaign

Billie K. Fidlin

President & Founder               

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