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Greetings from Whisper n Thunder!

Like many of you, we get multiple mailings from various charities to which we donate.  Years ago, one of our generous Whisper n Thunder donors shared with us that he never gives to any organization that sends multiple mailings per year. He’s smart enough to know to whom he wants to give, and one reminder is enough.
The Whisper n Thunder board fully agrees, and this is our one request for our 2021/2022 Four Feathers Capital Campaign.
This year’s Four Feathers Campaign for Whisper n Thunder is important. While we are continuing some of our strongest efforts from past years, such as our emergency heating program, academic scholarships, and our online magazine, we are also looking at new initiatives that will best serve Indian Country here in the States and Canada. Part of those efforts will center on the continued new launch of our webcasts. We have had one, and more are planned!
As we move forward with the times, we are examining how our organization can best serve and impact Indian Country.

We hope you’ll help us. Thank you!

Billie K. Fidlin, President & Founder

Russ Letica, Vice President & Chair, Four Feathers Capital Campaign

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All donations are tax deductible. Thank you!

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