A Threat
~ Joelle Clark
There is a epidemic threatening our world. 

From the beginning of time, following almost

every tribe's creation stories, there are tales of

people infected with this dreaded disease. 

From Egypt to South America, Asia to Canada,

all across the globe this disease has spread. 

Most families have been affected by it, either with a family member suffering, to great injustice at the hands of someone riddled by this disease. 

Now many are affected by this disease that attacks our water and the earth herself. 

There is no vaccine or known cure for this disease. 

The disease is called greed; it infects its host physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

We may not be able to cure those who suffer from the need to have more of everything than anyone else, but we can slow them down. 


First don't feed the trolls. Boycott their businesses, because money and profits are what matters most to them; hit them where it hurts. 

Second, speak out.Join others speaking out on the same issues. 

Third, use every tool at your disposal. Signs, protests, social media. 

Fourth and the most important, pray! Pray for the water, pray for the earth and pray for those destroying the source of life. 

And don't forget to pray for each other. 

Over the course of history greed has killed billions. Wars are fought because of greed. Water and food are contaminated because of Greed. Most of the problems mankind has faced were created by someone's greed.  

Now we must find a way to stop the oldest disease known to humankind. 

I will be praying hard that we do before it's too late.