After Standing Rock
~ Joelle Clark

After Standing Rock,what is next?

After thousands gathered at Standing Rock to

peacefully oppose the building of the KXL pipeline,

after Indigenous nations across the globe and

millions of people stood up in support of those at Standing Rock and for the protection of earth and water.

While sadly there were hundreds of others who used Standing Rock to either line their own pockets with fake t-shirt sales and the like to those who just used it to pump up their own egos.

Now the question is being ask of what is next? Well for The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe,it looks like another long stand off between Indigenous and TransCanada.
In July TransCanada sent a letter to the Chairman of CRST stating that they intended to start moving equipment in the area of their reservation with the intent of finishing the pipeline. 

Chairman Fraser's response was four small but eloquent and I believe historical words.They were: "We will be waiting. "

The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe has a ordinance on the books that none of the pipelines trucks or equipment is allowed on or to cross the reservation. 
It's been stated that the tribe will support any of its members that chooses to oppose TransCanada and the pipeline. 

The real question seems to be how many still have the strength and courage of their convictions to stand up as and with water protectors while in full knowledge that they are standing against megacorparations that will not hesitate to use any level of violence to achieve their goals. They also need to face the knowledge that the government's of the world tend to support the megacorparations not the citizens. 

This issue is not limited to South Dakota, it is happening across the globe. 
The planet and its water are facing serious threats of destruction. 
This is not going to be a short or easy war,not for CRST and not for Water Protectors across the globe.