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America’s Political Schizophrenia

~ Ron P. Leith

Many would have us believe that there’s

an American battle between good and evil. 

Depending on where you stand you are

either on one side or the other.  A

demonization of “those people”, if you will. 

Politicians in particular would have us

waging a civil war of propaganda and

misinformation.  A political schizophrenia

meant to embolden a narcissistic behavior

both in politics and in the street.

We as citizens then become both the

aggressor and the victim.  A very

schizophrenic position, normal during the

day and a vigilante at night.  Depending on which network is turning out the current news cycle at the time.  The national scrim between fact and illusion has never been harder to discern.

Maybe we need a national pill or an Indigenous calming salve which would give us a semblance of sanity and cohesion of thought.  If we had the time to decompress from the onslaught of sketchy information overload. At times we even become afraid to look out our front door to see if the old neighborhood is still there.

When you have national leaders standing in front of you and warning of a potential armageddon where we will lose everything, including a long history of privilege and racial superiority we become the zombies of Oh Hell No, willing to walk through fire in order to maintain a national supremacy which was fought long and hard for, a national legacy brought over from the Old World.  And emboldened in a national constitution.  We have the right to be white.

But this is the New World and there’s no time for medication.  Political schizophrenia has run rampant and we want to be a part of it.

Schizophrenia is defined as having hallucinations, hearing voices, delusions and disorganized thinking.  In a schizophrenic state the enemy is everywhere all at once, and you are the target.  Self-centeredness gone amuck.  This is where the propaganda is meant to enhance and maximize the schizophrenic effect.

January 6, 2021.  

The “Make America Great Again” minions and acolytes have gathered in the cold harbor of the ellipse in Washington DC to hear the great orator, wizard and manipulator, The Donald, speak about the potential end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it with Joe Biden as the nuclear bomb.  A bomb targeting their privilege and superiority.  A bomb which could even burn their get-out-of-jail-free cards.

The plantations are going to be overrun by free people, the prisons are going to open up and the freed prisoners are going to come to your neighborhood and put their children in your schools. Maybe even eat at your lunch counter, or buy glass pipes from your favorite head shop.  Where will it end?

So in order to stop the eve of destruction and the Prophecy of Trump they must take matters into the own Chick-fil-A eating greasy hands.  The preppers are now prepped with the appropriate amount of degenerative inspiration and vitriolic embellishment.  They are ready to fight evil.  They are ready to stop the steal.

They came prepared.  Bear repellant, check. Confederate flag, check. Camoflage, check. And cell phones fully charged and ready to record the victory over the Satanic army.

But this not Robert Johnson’s Crossroads, or the Blacksmith’s journey into hell, or even the 15 Minutes to Hell and Back.  It’s just Congress.  Old lethargic Congress led by the Old Turtle himself, Mitch McConnell.  And today overseen by the White Wizard, Mike Pence, and Geriatric Granmama Pelosi.

It’s seize the day, seige day. Storm the parapets. Honk your horns. And don’t even stop for lunch, young patriots.  And old geezers. Oh, and don’t forget to bring Karen.

We are Chaos. We are Halley’s comet. We are Martin Luther. We are the children of American Fascism. We will stormtroop through hallowed halls, and put our dirty feet on many a desk.

But we only have a couple hours because the wife wants us home to watch Alone  with her.

But at the end of the day Armageddon never materializes, hellfire and damnation are nowhere to be seen.  AOC and Ilhan Omar do not have horns.  And Congress, even though somewhat battered, goes back to work and it’s business as usual.

But besides the extra work for the janitors, now we must arrange funerals.

The only thing changed was the normalcy of everyday working families.  Their lives were destroyed.  Their families decimated.  In the aftermath of the MAGA political carnage, the vitriolic anarchy, the patriotic minions and their prophecy spewing idols went home and watched it all on television, with extra-large Diet Pepsi’s, Cheetos, and potted meat sandwiches.

So, what’s the lesson? Well, when the enemy doesn’t really exist, you just have to make him up, pull him into view out of thin air, and wave him around a little bit.

But you also need a proverbial match in order to light the fires of political schizophrenia.  And then sit back and watch it all burn.

Or just take the blue pill and stay home.

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