Perils and Pandemics: A Review of AMID THE CHAOS
~ Dr. Dawn Karima, Cherokee, NC

Marijo Moore, a prolific poet, offers answers

to the questions of this perilous pandemic in

her newest book. AMID THE CHAOS

compiles the Cherokee artist's artwork with

her poems about emotions, ideas and

insights during a season of upheaval.

Environmental destruction, pandemics and

politics, along with interior introspection all

fill these poignant pages.

Available from, the 42 page paperback is a powerful monument to the mayhem of 2020. In addition, Moore's impactful art connects visual representations of her internal environment with her evocative verbal wordcraft. This book is an excellent companion during quarantine, as well as a way to prompt personal reflections, journaling and discussion.

AMID THE CHAOS serves as a memorial to a shocking span of time and its accompanying problems. In a time of social distancing, this paperback could be used to connect readers in a Zoom or social media book club. Marijo Moore has created a time capsule that will recall the politics, pandemic and powers of this period for generations to come.

ISBN# 979-8652907914.   $12.95