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An Open Letter

~ Jerry Pope

A new year has arrived! 2020 gone in a flash!

Unfortunately The Horrid memories aren’t!

300,000 dead, their spirits in flux. Yet as bad

as all that there is hopefulness abounds

w\ the introduction of 2 vaccines, & a third

on the way soon. There was political upEVIL

galore, & a man at the center of it all that had no business in that Office called “The President of The United States”. Most of you my wonderful friends did your best to keep me sane though the madness! Wopilamayayelo!! You prayed for me through the medical challenges; what can I say, except a humble Wopila. (thanks). AND you did it again when a new challenge arose. I acknowledge this with A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin!! (all my relations). I wish for you all, all the love that I can express, that there is not single one of you, I do not love! I wish for all of you Happiness, Wellbeing in soul spiritually, emotionally, and good\great physical health! Be of good cheer, help a neighbor or two, the beasts, family pets or wild, both great and small.

Do some good beyond that if you can. Take care of Mother Earth (Unc’i Ina Maka) to whatever degree you can, and for heavens sake plant a tree! Be kind, compassionate toward all living humans, do not show or express distain or use words that may hurt. Keep good company, respect everyone and whatever their expressions of belief respect the person & the belief;  that means that you don’t have to follow them.

War should be abolished yet respect the vets, that return home, because some may have issues you are not trained to help, but help any way you can. Always thank them for their service. Also thank first responders in your area, and if you have a chance show some love to the doctors, nurses, surgeons, & even orderlies! After you have done this - rest.

WHEN you are ready PRAY! (Woc'ekiya), do ceremony: tell Tunkas'la (Wakan Tanka) all your hopes & dreams though he\she knows Intention - those with all your emotional spirituality. Sing & dance if you can, play flute & drum, rattle and bring joy into this hurting world! If you are trained as a healer and elder or any official of Native Nations do this not because it is beyond you, but do it for Creator! Do it for your neighbor even if they pay no attention. For the community, your nation, for the people need it! Above all Love for it begins in the heart & Usen expects this of you. It's not hard! Tell it, show it!

Peace (Wowagha) be with you & the world!  

A'ho Motakuye Oyasin  We are all related.
Toks'a Ake' (Until we meet again)

Photo Credit: Nora Moore Lloyd