As the Water Flows
~ Taina Amayi
The shortest way from one point to another

is in a straight line, or, “as the Crow flies”.

Water flows in one direction, unless an

obstacle appears. In that case, the water will

flow to through the next available route.

When swamplands or wetlands are removed,

the water that once flowed to those areas will

still flow to them, thus flooding the area

without ceding.
Our Peoples through millennia have traveled

the Red Road, honoring ancient covenants

made with The Great Spirit, with Earth, Sky,

and All Our Relations In Between. Certainly

our Ancestors have met with obstacles along their way, but always adapted, and even improved upon strategies, in order to travel well the Sacred Red Road.
In the year 1492, a major obstacle appeared before our Ancestors with the arrival of a very strange and violent race. The Taíno Tribe was never the same, although they are still here, and walking the road set before them by The Creator. After 1492, more obstacles came upon the Red Road; weapons of attempted mass cultural, and literal genocide. As I think about these terrors of our Peoples’ past, I think of the flow of water.
It is no surprise to see how the flow of the Indigenous spirit alters its course, as a river does when dams are built. When the river is denied its natural course, its flow will change, and if blocked, can unleash such power as to destroy the obstacles made. When such obstacles are made, it is with mathematical probabilities, whether pro or con – the cons often ignored. While one town might benefit from electricity provided via hydro-electric power, another town farther downstream will flood as water levels rise. It makes no sense as such idiocies cause serious problems, with absolutely no equivocation.
Look at us, the Indigenous, the sons and the daughters of Earth. How many “dams” have not been built, in order to block the powerful flow of the Indigenous spirit? Yet, despite all attempts to wipe us out, the predatory energy within the governmental and corporate, military, and police matrices of “authority” (The Military/Police/Industrial Complex), we, The People, are still here.
Consider the power of water, say, in a river. In this we speak of true power in its purest form. Consider how many dams have been destroyed by the Sacred powers of the rivers. Rivers flow; in the winter they freeze, in summer heat they send parts of themselves back to Father Sky, just to return as rain. Water cannot be boxed in. Consider snow and ice. Go to the Himalayas, and make loud sounds. See if the snow does not react to such disturbances to cause avalanches, and very often bury the interlopers with no regard for the sanctity of the place.
As mentioned before, when water reaches an obstacle, it seeks the next available route, even if it means flooding cities and towns had been built upon ancient wetlands. These creations of humanity do not belong where the waters naturally go. The same goes for the indomitable spirit of the Indigenous man, woman, and child.
Call it the “butterfly effect”, or the “domino effect”, whatever harm was caused to us by people with absolutely no regard for the Sacred Life Ways (though they claim to believe in, and represent God), there is an inevitable cracking of the dams of “progress” built to STOP the flow of Earth-based teachings. The dams will fall, as we have seen with the many oil pipeline leaks plaguing large areas of land and water. The lesson of water flow vis-à-vis the ancient Life Ways of our Peoples, is that as the government further ignores and restrains us, Spiritual and Natural Law will supersede the statutory and arbitrary laws that allow for corporate crime committed in the name of “progress”.
Please understand me well for the love in my heart for Earth, Sky, and for All my Relations In Between. I do not mean to cause fear or terror when I say this. Evidence demonstrates that at the rate we are going, in just a few decades, if we are lucky, every ecosystem that keeps us alive will be gone, and there will be nothing, absolutely nothing left but the money made in the process of corporate destruction of water, air, land, and air… as they perpetuate deforestation, and polluting of the oceans. The one consolation there is for the greedy is that after they have destroyed every living being upon the Earth, at least they will have their money to eat and to drink.
I must say that there are many non-Indigenous brothers and sisters that are beginning to reconnect to their own tribal roots, and hearing the changing direction of mighty waters upon the Earth. They are the ones telling governments and corporations to begin listening to the wisdom of the Indigenous elders. The elders teach us that we must walk in beauty and balance upon the Earth. She can live very well without us, but we will all perish without Her.
The one thing we must all understand is that we are not all that. In reality we do not have the power to destroy Mother Earth. The truth is that She can wipe us all out – and give or take a few billion years, She will be reborn.
As we head toward the crossroads of life and death, we must prayerfully and cognitively decide which road we will take. It is not a matter of “divine judgment” for what we do wrong. It is, rather, the choice we make, whether to do what is right, so that we might live, or continue in our self-serving ways, and die miserable deaths caused by our own actions. If a person decides to bungee-jump from the top of Mount Everest, and the bungee breaks, and he or she dies, I can feel no pity. Anything that we do deliberately that is dangerous, and challenges the spirits, the consequences are ours, and ours alone, to face. As the waters flow, despite obstacles, they will take the route that serves them best. Neither God nor devil tells us to do stupid things. We are the ones to make the choices that break us or make us; hurt us, kill us, or help us to live full and healthy lives.
You see, the concept of how water flows is not only applicable to the Indigenous Peoples, but to all Peoples. It does not matter the religion you adhere to, but it does indeed matter the state of your spiritual being. Europeans were tribal once, but brutalities long ago sent those connections deeply underground; religion being the sledgehammer to break those “heathen practices”. The spiritual rivers of our European Relatives were blocked by “civilization”, but these rivers are beginning to reroute, breaking down the dams built by predatory entities that simply hate what is Earth-based, and Sacred. Welcome home, my European Relatives. We, the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island, must reconnect, remembering the ancient teachings of our Ancestors. Break down the dams of “civilized” pipedreams-turned-nightmares, and let the Sacred Waters flow. All my Relations.