Ask White Star
By Millie Chalk

You’ve embraced the belief that YOU create

your own reality.  Already you’ve seen the

results of focusing on more things that cause

you to feel good than bad, and with the

techniques you’ve learned about creating your

own happiness, you’re beginning to feel a shift

as you see things starting to fall into place.  You’re aware that the things that are working in your life, is making life work for you but, what if there are still times that you have trouble finding something positive to focus upon?  What if you’re stuck in a bad living arrangement, are ill, lost your job, or lonely… what can you do to break through the cycle of negativity that can sometimes permeate your life?  Go General!

Already you’ve experienced the relief that comes from turning thoughts away from what we don’t want to what we do want, and that’s a great start however, there’s a danger that lies within such a concept.  The problem that can arise is if we continue to base our feelings of happiness on what we see, (even if we’ve perfected the talent of seeing what we want) eventually we’ll run across something we don’t want to see in our experience.  

The solution to our dilemma is in going general, and it works like this:
Often when we view an oil painting up close, we can hardly make out the details of its subject. Instead of a complete image we see broad brush strokes and colors void of the subtle hues that exist in life but, the farther we step back the more the picture comes clearer into focus to reveal a masterpiece of realism.  The same is true with our reality.  We can easily get bogged down in the details of a manifestation, particularly if it is something we see as unwanted, or… we can step back and simply bask in the respite of the present, miraculously weeding out the messy, abstract images to reveal more of what is truly wanted.  This is what is termed as: Going General

Don’t get me wrong.   Constantly turning our thoughts around regarding issues in our daily lives, in what we’ll refer to as “pivoting”, and focusing specifically to something we do want to see, can be fun and rewarding, bringing to us the awareness of the untapped power that lies within each of us to create whatever kind of life we truly want.  (The word “truly” can be a tricky subject.  Often there are things we think we want at the time only to find out that the desire we hold isn’t in our best interest. When we get good at pivoting we usually get whatever it is we want so my cautionary tale is to choose wisely.  You know the term: “be careful what you wish for”?) But for some of us, we’d like to develop a better way, something easier, more natural, less orchestrated and that’s where going general comes in.  Rather than constantly being on the ready to wave our magic wand of intention and going through the process of rethinking things, why not get ahead of it all?  

Going general doesn’t produce the thrill of knowing that you have complete control over how you feel about everything.  Instead it’s a practice that’s more highly evolved, one that evokes a feeling of peace and wellbeing and naturally opens our being up to all the wonderful gifts of the Universe, bringing to us what we’ve never allowed ourselves to feel possible.

What is this magical technique known as going general?  It is simply meditation, in all of its forms.  Strange how removing all thought in our mind is more productive than the loftiest ideas but, to truly connect to our inner being, ( where many believe the only place our true happiness lies) we must find a few moments each day to sit in internal silence.  It doesn’t have to take long to be effective and can be in a traditional practice such as ceremony, or as in the east, sitting with legs crossed and palms open or, it can be accomplished when walking, or petting your cat, looking out a window on a rainy day, anything that helps to remove our mind from the distractions of our own thoughts.  

For many of us, any form of meditation can be tricky.  Start simple, perhaps listening to some music and/or starring at the flame of a candle.  I know this sounds weird but mundane tasks can also do the trick, like diving into a sink full of dishes or folding a mountain of laundry.  What used to work for me was cleaning the horse’s stalls at the facility where I trained, and a task I truly miss because; it was always my “go to” method of achieving some of my best ideas and greatest desires. 
Like stepping back from the masterpiece, going general keeps us out of the details, bringing into view the overall picture.  It establishes a sense of “ease” in our lives.  We start meeting the right people, our sense of timing improves, the things we need to attend to begin to come to us already being sorted out and, we find ourselves musing at how remarkable it all works.  

Whenever we’re facing an interaction, experience, or task that could be a bit tricky, by going general we toss it up to the Universe knowing things will just sort themselves out and in most cases you’ll find the problem solves itself.  Try to stay in a place of awareness recognizing how perfectly everything has unfolded and being armed with positivity, be determined to not project our worries onto the next situation, moving forward with a new found confidence.

So next time you feel that you’re disappointed or discouraged or just tired of constantly being on guard of your thoughts, you may want to try going general.  It’s something I can fully guarantee will have a positive effect on you!

Millie Chalk:   Writer/Rider and general lover of life Member of Board of Directors for Whispernthunder.org  Trainer at Cherokee Ranch, Backyardhorseman.com