Ask White Star: Responsibly Aware

~ Millie Chalk

We hear from everywhere that it’s time for us 
to awaken, that we have a responsibility to our 
ancestors and to the children of our future, 
and to be aware of what’s happening at this time in 
our country.  We are admonished to be responsibly

aware of the truth of the past, what is needed now, and to take a stand to stem the tide of hate and imprisonment, and that this is a fight that we must be prepared to lead until the battle to survive is won. 

If you’re like me, the news of each day draws you deeper into an abyss and you find yourself struggling to keep up any kind of a positive attitude.  Before long the concerns for our country and even the world seem to corrupt every good thing that tries to show its face.  We can’t see the good because we’re so focused on the bad, which is fear based, and as we all know; coming from fear we can only create more of what we don’t want.

So how do we turn this “fear” thing around?  As much as we want to be responsibly aware, (because we believe we owe it to others as well as ourselves) we must remember that change starts from within, and that we have to find a way to foster the positive beyond the negative that we see is so prevalent.

We can start by turning words around to serve us.  Call it “spin”, untruthful or even delusional, but if you can convince your mind and even better, your heart, that this will all be for our benefit, that everything is for a reason and in the end we will prevail, you have taken a step forward into wellness.

As an example, let’s look at the title of this article one more time, and turn it around to mean something that serves us in a more positive light.  The term, “responsibly aware” can mean something quite different than first implied.  It can mean we must be responsible to ourselves and our own wellbeing by only giving our awareness to what we want to see in this world and in this country.  No one can deny the power of thoughts and feelings of love over fear and indeed, fostering good positive feelings is not only our best weapon against what we’re dealing with, but in many regards, our only weapon. 

We can be of little good to anyone if we first don’t take care of ourselves. Personally, I feel I have hit a breaking point, and I can identify where the negative I’ve engaged has crept into my existence.  I don’t like living like this, because I’ve proven to myself in the past that it doesn’t have to be this way.  I know what it is I have to do to turn it all around and in writing this, I am making the commitment to do so.

When it comes to fostering the positive, we have options.  Many know what works best for them.  Do that!  I’d also like to add that it’s critical that you turn off the news, the social media and any other outlet that bombards you with what doesn’t serve your purpose of keeping your focus on what you want to see.  

If you’ve never consciously sought to be the master of your happiness, let me assure you that you can be, and suggest a few things to start with.  There’s ceremony, meditation, (in all of its many forms), service, writing, (try getting up each morning and hand writing three pages about anything that comes to mind and see if Creator doesn’t speak to you), exercise - lots and lots of exercise, preferably around animals, etc., fellowship with others that are also seekers of the positive and more than anything, be guarded of your awareness.  Purposefully look for what it is you want to see.  Keep it simple at first.  Spring flowers, your head at night laid upon a soft comfy pillow, appreciate people doing anything well, and beauty in all of its forms can lead you to feel some relief.  It’s the awareness of the little things that can help you to identify the path to the changes that we greatly desire such as an important relationship reconciled that dream job or opportunity that is placed in your lap, a physical healing and in time, even a healing of this country.

I believe the possibilities of change through love and positivity is endless.  Synchronicities have proven to me over and over again that with the right attitude we can attract things that go beyond what we can imagine for ourselves.  Let’s put peace and wellbeing for our country and for all of humanity upon our list of what it is we want to see and start to make it happen.