Ask White Star

~ Millie Chalk
We all have dreams.  And I would assume we've also

had our dreams broken.  I believe having a dream is

like being in love.  It's better to have had the dream

and lost it than never having had the dream.  Why is

that?  Because our dreams can take us places we

would have never gone, even if it is in the opposite

direction to where we expected to be.  In the end, it all

boils down to whether you trust in your Source and that all things are working out perfectly for your best interests. If you can come to a place in your life where the outcome doesn’t matter as much as the pleasure of the thought of the dream, you’ll recognize its value, whether it manifests or not.

It is said that to allow more abundance into your life you first must make the space for it to come in.  You do this by getting rid of the old, the unwanted, the seldom used and frankly what no longer excites you.  Perhaps it’s the same with your broken dream.  Perhaps it had to go to make room for the new, and the better.  Perhaps your dream wasn’t big enough and your inner being knows you deserve more.

There’s also the matter of divine timing.  Your Source and Inner Being orchestrates all things in a perfect matter and in a perfect time.  Having your dream now may exclude other things that you simply are not ready to be without.  Or maybe your dream is yet to be complete.  It takes time to pull together all the cooperative components of a dream. There are so many working parts and you wouldn’t want just a partial dream.  I’m an expert on that.  I’m very impatient, but a great manifestor.  What’s the result?  I keep getting one partial dream materialize after another.  They’re not bad usually, but always incomplete and very frustrating, all because I was in a rush to see it.  It’s a pattern I’m working to change because an incomplete dream isn’t satisfying.  Now I’m trying to just stay in a place of awareness, keeping an eye on things as they develop and enjoying the fun of watching it all unfold, celebrating each and every clue as a gift.

One reason your dream is broken could be that you gave it the wrong name.  Words are amazing allies or enemies when it comes to getting the things that you want, and the positive or negative energy put behind those words will determine what comes to you.  For example; the word dream is clothed in wanting.  Wanting leaves you with the feeling that you’ll never have it.  It becomes a faraway wish, something causing you to sigh with the disappointment of knowing it’ll never become a reality. If you could switch that label of dream and instead use the word intention, you allow the possibility of your desire coming to fruition.  The word intention is clothed in power, your power to create that thing that you most want.  Now it is no longer a matter of whether something will happen but when.  The power of our words comes from the emotion and energy behind it. 

Arguing for your limitations will stop your dream dead in its tracks.  Your Source cannot bring to you what you won’t allow.  Each time you bemoan your fate of being too old or too young, too poor or uneducated, too tall or too short for your dream to come true, you wall off the steps necessary for the Universe to bring it to you.  Each day we see evidence of someone living their dream despite what we judge as limitations that they have dismissed.

Try not to dictate from where your desire may come, or how it will unfold.  Our thoughts are powerful.  So powerful that we can restrict or slow down the manifesting process by thinking we know more of how these things are supposed to work.  We can be so busy looking in one direction for something, never realizing it may be coming in through a back door.  Often our broken dreams are merely a course correction because we were demanding it look a certain way or come through a certain avenue.  The best thing to do is to relax.  Look for the fun in all things and the ease that exists when you’re going in the right direction.  The Universe will often show you that you’re in the right place at the right time to be moving forward to what you want.  You’ll experience such signs through the people you meet, the scenes you see and for me the numbers.  I decided it would be fun to see repetitive numbers throughout my day and like magic it started to happen.  I turn on my car and the numbers on the dash are repeating, at work when I check the clock for my lunch break, in the receipts of things I buy at the store and what rings up at the register either in the sale or the change coming back to me -  I see the numbers.  It’s been delightfully fun and I love how it totally creeps out my co-workers when I point it out to them.

One last thing is when that new dream starts to call to you, be very careful of who you share it with.  A dream can be broken simply by it being shared with the wrong people.  Seldom does another feel with the same energy that you do and letting someone into the construction of a dream can really bring things to a grinding halt.  Remember that they are not you.  That dream is yours and only you can feel it in the way it’s intended.  Their best intentions for you can upset the natural process because they cannot see it as clearly as you.  They cannot feel it as deeply as you, so until it’s getting close and it’s time to collaborate, think of that dream as a precious gift that is for now, only intended for you to enjoy.  There will come a time when your manifested dream with bless many lives but for now it is for you.  Only you.
Millie Chalk
Writer/Rider and general lover of life
Trainer at Cherokee Ranch, Backyardhorseman.com