~ Orannhawk 
We all have choices. Even in the darkest moments,

there are options, if only to change a thought, to

speak a different word, to smile instead of glare, to

love instead of hate, to believe instead of doubt. More

often than not, it becomes a matter of lines. Lines

we draw in the sand with daring declarations. Lines

that blur,  lines created from fear, lines set to confuse, lines that trigger, lines we stand in, lines we barrel through without provocation; lines without any remembrance of meaning. Sometimes, lines are boundaries we choose not to cross.
More than once, I have walked a thin line and I have crossed the line. Despite this, I do understand boundaries. These ubiquitous lines weave their way into our lives, surrounding us, defining spaces, pronouncing and often defiling. 
There are key points in navigating your way through the vague and invisible lines in particular. Simply put; honesty, integrity and respect with an added bonus for transparency. Sadly, these key points are lacking in most relationships, be it personal, political, financial, and even spiritual. Historically speaking, there has been little, if any, to show when it comes to honesty and respect. 
Subterfuge worms its way into far too many lines, leaving communication tangled with duplicity and innuendos. Is it that difficult to speak and act with honesty? 
Like many others, I have spent a lifetime with people telling me how I was ‘supposed’ to feel, what to wear, how to act and speak, without considering my thoughts. As a parent, I wanted to guide my child in a way that allowed personal expression along with growing into a responsible, respectful individual. Finding balance between the lines has allowed me to move beyond imposed patterns and ideas and be healthier as a woman and as a parent.
Recently, an individual made a strong suggestion by playing on a perceived weakness. I have to admit it did cause a momentary twitch as my eyebrows furrowed into a tight line and my jaw clinched. The realization of the maneuver lent itself to dismay with an overlay of laughter, knowing the individual truly believed the action justified. With anyone else, I would have had a stronger response, however; it was easy to understand there was no malice in the suggestion. Laughing it off and releasing it allowed me to wipe that defining line away.
The same cannot be said when you look at the broader scope of events in the past and the present. Strategies used by politicians, world leaders, corporations, business tycoons, the media and so on, is never truly transparent because there is an agenda present. Greed, control, and manipulation all play a heavy hand in these agendas. Rarely are there plans set in motion to benefit ALL people, without focus on race, gender and orientation, and financial status. 
Motivation stimulates ideas, thoughts and actions. The defining line of the motivation is a key element in reading between the lines. It is important to understand the reasons behind words and actions that leave us in doubt. It can be as simple as the need to clarify a point or complex and shrouded in secrecy with a vague ‘need to know’ label. 
Consider the motivation behind Manifest Destiny. Zealous beliefs of divine providence surged in the mid 1800’s, pairing with greed for the land and resources and the results were catastrophic for Indigenous people. The same prejudiced beliefs drew lines on worthless treaties, lines to make a mark for guarantees that would never happen.     
The gluttonous pipeline, both literally and figuratively invokes a swath of self-serving materialism, feeding the privileged and starving the rest while raping the land and our spirits. Lines surrounding us further emphasize racial privilege and misguided understanding, waking up the dreamers. Time for all to wake and take a stand.
I do read between the lines, not in a way to detract from the original thoughts projected by another, but as a recognition of my own sense of understanding. To the casual observer, it could infer speculation, however, more often than not; there is a thread of the original motivation hidden in plain sight. 
I occasionally stand between undetectable lines and observe. I listen, filtering the lies from the truths, weighing options, knowing that I can and do make informative, intelligent choices. It is a place of empowerment, to see with clarity and rely on honesty, integrity and respect. 
Regardless of the stand we take, between the lines, on one side or another, it is important to consider the motivation behind words and action. Reflect on your choices. What is your motivation based on? Anger, fear or greed; or honesty, integrity and honor?