Canada meddles in Indian Act Lobby Group Election invoking a Movement of Indigenous Freedom from Canadian Apartheid
~ Ozaway Pinesse/Gerald McIvor

On July 25, 2018, the Assembly of First Nations

(AFN) which is a Canadian government funded

lobby group, held elections for AFN National Chief

which is the top position in their lobby structure.

This person is tasked with the responsibility of

advocating for and brokering meetings with the

appropriate colonial governments (federal and/or

provincial) on the diverse issues plaguing the

Indigenous peoples residing on the Indian Reservations. In this election, there were five candidates vying for this top position which comes with extravagant pay ($135,000.00 tax-free) per annum and countless fiscal perks including five-star travel and accommodations. The incumbent who was already favored to win had an ace up his sleeve as insurance of his successful re-election.

He had the current federal Minister of Indigenous Relations (Indian Affairs Minister) Carolyn Bennett come into the assembly meeting in private with provincial caucuses of Indian Act Chiefs making unknown commitments to ensure that they stayed status quo and re-elected the incumbent who has been under the full control of the federal government for the last three and one-half years. Not surprisingly he was re-elected with an astounding majority in the second round of voting. The newly re-elected AFN National Chief Perry Bellegarde and his colonial handler Indian Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett rubbed his controversial election into the faces of the other candidates and the vast majority of 1,500,000 grassroots Indigenous peoples in Canada by laughing about it at the podium in the assembly the next day on national television.

This political meddling is unprecedented in Canada as all past Indian Affairs Ministers have ensured they stay away from these elections to prevent any perceptions of collusion or meddling by Canada in the leadership selection processes of the Indian Act Chiefs (modern day Indian Agents). This current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (son of former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau) is now invoking the political initiative started by his father with a similar legislative agenda using Indian Act Chiefs and their systems against them which the Liberal Party has successfully infiltrated and now fully control.

His father had introduced “the 69 White Paper” in 1969 to end all Indian Treaties and assimilate the original peoples of Canada into the Canadian framework. This was met were fierce opposition and Trudeau the Elder pulled his controversial legislation due to intense public pressure. Now Trudeau the younger has introduced a 2018 version of this legislation with the same intentions under a new title (The Reconciliation and Recognition of Indigenous rights framework) backed up by collaborating Indian Act Chiefs and the AFN who are motivated by lucrative fiscal enticements from the Trudeau government. The successful imposition of this framework will result in all 634 Indian Reservations being relegated into the sub-provincial jurisdiction of municipalities under provincial colonial governments with all internationally recognized Indigenous rights, treaty rights, land rights, titles and ownership being eliminated. We, the Indigenous peoples of this land will become “Canadian Indians” as defined under the Canadian legal framework with no more underlying, historical or legal ownership or rights in Canada.

One candidate named Russell Diabo from the Mohawk community of Kahnawake unveiled a platform in which the distinct Indigenous and treaty nations would develop and invoke their own governance systems based on their historic traditions and contemporary needs and wants of their nation. He was and still is ready to mount a battle in which Canada returns a fair equitable share of the lawfully Indigenous owned natural resources and revenues generated from the natural resources industries to our nations so they could exercise their own self determination autonomously. This is something that Canada has fought hard and will continue fighting to prevent so they can keep us under the deadly vice of Apartheid commonly known as the Indian Act.

Russell Diabo had a team of campaign helpers on site and across the country utilizing social media venues to lobby for political support for his much needed and long overdue vision which will take us into equal partnership with the Canadian Confederation as was agreed upon in the international treaties.

I was one of the social media team which assisted Russell Diabo in his candidacy and the response from the grassroots Indigenous populace was overwhelmingly in his favor and the people wanted him elected so he could transform the AFN into what it was originally designed to be nothing more than a messenger and facilitator of initiatives between the Indigenous peoples and our treaty partners in a genuine nation to nation relationship as our signatories agreed to in the international treaties which created Canada. Accepting anything less is accepting legislated genocide and full assimilation. Indian Affairs Superintendent Duncan Campbell Scott infamously revealed the true intention of Canada when he stated these words:

“I want to get rid of the Indian problem.....Our objective is to continue until there is not an Indian that has not been absorbed into the body politic, and there is no Indian question, and no Indian Department…”1920

The original and concealed intention of invoking a “Final Solution” upon us is clearly demonstrated throughout Canadian history and it easy to reach the conclusion that Canada does not have a colonial history but rather has a criminal record when it comes to how they have and continue to treat us in our ancestral homeland.

The Indigenous Peoples have woken up and are now beginning their long overdue journey down our Freedom Road so our future generations can have rights, identities and an ancestral homeland for as long as the sun shines, the grasses grow and the waters flow. Phase two of Russell Diabo’s vision is now being implemented across our land so we will reach that beautiful destination called freedom.