Chemical Romance
~ Rachel Scholz

Creator gave us the sun, the moon,

each day and each other.
Why do we find happiness when we

allow sickness into our bodies?
The tragedy of Life is not death, but

what we let die inside of us while we

Another chapter is closing and the

next is to come. 
Daily struggles, sadness, isolation, and feelings of defeat will not win.  

This journey of Life, ups and downs is given to us with great intent from Creator. 
Understanding, Respect and Love is what he created our people to be. 
We are leaders of the world for our children and protectors of our elders.
A clear conscience, mind and heart will shine through with every step of this path I choose to take. 
Looking behind I am filled with gratitude,
Looking forward I am filled with vision,
Looking upwards I am filled with strength,
Looking within I discover peace.  

A coward dies 1000 times but a Warrior only lives once........
I am leaving to fight my battles because I chose to Live like a Warrior.