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A review of CHRISTIAN DATING ADVICE FOR MEN by Derrick McQueen
Review by Dr. Dawn Karima, PhD.

As we scroll social media, we often see proof of broken hearts, breakups, and dysfunctional relationships. Popular culture features songs about heartbreak and proffers films that focus on interpersonal difficulties. Yet, media provides an erroneous idea of love, which elevates pain as proof of love or equates putting up with abuse, jealousy and longing with true love.
Headlines spotlight abusive and exploitative men, who injure women emotionally and physically through outrageous actions. 

A recent book aims to address these attitudes and instill healthy interpretations of unity in relationships. "These spiritual truths will guard you against the ditches, mud and sideshows of dating, saving you and the women you meet time, trouble and heartache,” writes author Derrick McQueen. CHRISTIAN DATING ADVICE FOR MEN blends anecdotal evidence, personal experiences, Bible verses and insightful interest into a fascinating read. Available on Amazon, this book addresses one of the most important choices that anyone will ever make...Mate selection.

Mate selection impacts every facet of the partners' lives. How children are raised, economic actions, values and morals, occupational success, educational attainments and daily life. Successful marriages create stable homes and stable homes make stable neighborhoods and stable neighborhoods make stable communities...all bedrock for strong nations. 
The author writes directly to men, yet mothers, aunts and grandmothers can share this book with sons, nephews, and grandsons. Ladies can learn valuable lessons about the male mindset. Most of all, this book could start discussions among men about the way that women should be respected.
We liked this book so much that we invited the author to appear on our award winning podcast, CONVERSATIONS WITH DAWNKARIMA, which airs on Amazon Music, Spotify,Google Podcasts, Talktainment Radio, and other platforms. Derrick McQueen's interview can be heard at
under  "Christian Dating!" on 11/02/22.

 Straightforward and direct, this book is a dynamic choice for youth groups, church curriculum, Sunday School, VBS, book clubs and accountability partners. Parents and relatives can purchase this book and read it with young people in order to help them discuss sensitive issues. Mate selection influences every aspect of life and future. This book helps readers to choose wisely.