Columbus Day: Celebrating a Murderer
~ Debby Ball

 Columbus Day is coming but for many, it is not a day

to celebrate. First, Columbus did not discover this land.

He landed in the Caribbean, as his vessel was greatly

off course from his original route. And this land was

already inhabited by many diverse cultural groups that

are the First Nations people today, there were already

over 100 million people living in the Americas. In addition,

the Vikings visited this land long before Columbus and

the Polynesians after that.

Thinking he had landed in Asia, Columbus actually landed in the Bahamas, Cuba and Hispaniola. He was openly and warmly greeted by the Indigenous People there, as recorded in his own accounts. However, Columbus repaid the kindness with brutality, enslavement, greed and pillaging. And what came with Columbus was genocide, disease and the slave trade. He was the start to the American Holocaust, to cultural genocide, to forced assimilation, to brutal killings.

It is not enough to just ADD another holiday. It is imperative that Columbus Day be abolished. Columbus is not a man to be "honored." Would most Americans think it right for Germans to have a day to celebrate Hitler? It is no more appropriate for Americans to celebrate a man just as guilty of horrible crimes as Hitler was. Columbus is not a name to be celebrated any more than Adolf Hitler. It is time for Americans to face the truth of history and recognize Columbus for the brutal savage, rapist and murderer that he was. It is time to return honor, respect and dignity back to the First Nations that lived in this land long before Europeans stole it, deceived the People and colonized it at the expense of First Nations people. It is time to abolish Columbus Day.