Corporate Vampires in a Natural World
~ Ron Leith

Capitalism runs in the veins of corporate man,

to the destructive detriment of the earth’s

Indigenous peoples.  Their aspirations and goals

are of a morbid and catastrophic nature.

As many of my people have said; “they have no heart”.  Their sole purpose is to generate profit at the expense of the natural world, of whom we are an intrinsic thread.

Prayer, peace and harmony are the only weapons we have chosen to utilize in the No Dakota Access Pipe Line (NoDAPL)  fight at the home of the Standing Rock Dakota Oyate.  The corporate mind cannot grasp the danger we are all in if the world’s water sources are polluted.  They will see you can’t drink money.  You will die of thirst.

As an Indigenous population we will survive.  Even now the corporate mindset is sending messages that humans can survive on processed urine.  That is pure corporate arrogance, propaganda and monumental denial of natural reality.

The corporate mind has no God and they do not pray with any semblance of sincerity or compassion.  Their children will also suffer when water becomes man’s only viable source of life and subsistence, and it evaporates into the nether.

When we put our minds together we can create change and save many lives, even those of the multi-corporate mindsets, philosophies and mantras.  We are all made of the same elements, water, earth, air, stone, and blood.

When men came to earth we all originated from the same source, but our entrance into the natural world took many forms and pathways.  Some came from the universe, some from the earth, others from the oceans and some from stone.

Each race was given specific instructions from the Earthmaker, and those duties still exist today.  As Indigenous people many of us were forced to separate ourselves from the Earthmaker but many resisted and thus maintained their spiritual connections and held sacred the original instructions.

But at the same time many men of other races turned their back on the natural world and became victimizers and spoilers.  The further away from the center they travelled the more they forgot, where eventually they forgot who they were and who HE was in His Holy Kingdom.

Why have they become the enemy of our common Creator?  They were led by the dark spirits who roam the earth looking for accomplices in their mad designs of death, pain, punishment and slavery.

And now the Earthmaker and his creation are not pleased with their behavior.  Everything revolves around an individual’s blood type and his interactions with other blood types.  So now we see as a result mass disease, vulnerable immune systems, impure births, people being born with no heart, no mind, and useless bodies.

This was not who we were to become.  Many corporate races have begun to interbreed, breed negligently, and force human coupling which is unnatural and thus creating a race of people never before known to humankind.

These are the corporate monsters who walk among us and feed off our purities in order to counterbalance their own inequities.  They eat souls, minds and hearts.  All the time.

This has been taking place for the last 500 to 700 years and now we are all in danger.  The earth is not in danger, we are in danger.  The earth will survive, mankind will die by their own hand.

But there are only those who are of a select group that are paving the way for this armageddon of souls.  The corporate man is the devil in a suit.  We as Indigenous people have a slim chance at survival, but we must turn our anger on the true enemy, which is anything that dispels our commonality.

For these things we must pray, be vigilant and persevere if we are to save the 7 generations to come.

Mitakuyeowasin, Hechetualo.
~ Ronald P. Leith, Anishinabe/Mdewakanton Dakota Oyate and Lineal Descendent to His Red Nation, Taoyateduta.