Coyote Dancing with the Stars
~ Jerry Pope

After Creator gave Coyote all his powers,

he had one more thing for Coyote - it was

called cunning - or trickery, to some of his

animal cousins. Coyote was very ambitious

and wanted to do many things with his

powers. Many of these things were very

hard for him to do, some would say even unnatural. One thing that was so conceited - Coyote thought he could dance with the stars! Coyote devised a plan in which he would ask Goose to take him by the arm and fling him into the sky. 

So Goose thinking this as a crazy scheme, took Coyote by the arm and flung him into the sky, all the while laughing. He then saw Coyote fall to the ground with a large thud. Naturally Goose was horrified by the sound.

In another attempt Coyote asked the stars to take him to the top of the mountain, then to take him by the paw and allow him to dance around the sky. The star knew this to be foolish, but winked his eye. The next night when the star neared the top of the mountain, Coyote was sitting and expecting a different result. At first Coyote miraculously danced through the sky in an unexpected way, but then got tired of that type of magic and tried a different way to dance. Coyote fell to Earth once more with even harder thud, but somehow survived without being seriously injured. 

Coyote limped a little after that one, but would not give up his ridiculous quest. He asked Star one more time to swing him by the paw without letting go, and let him dance around the night. This time Star reminded Coyote of his previous failures. The silly animal would not change his mind. So every night when the star came around, Coyote would squat on the mountain top and bark at the star, until the star got tired of the whining and really sorrowful song. Then one night as Star sailed by Coyote and low along the ridge line, Coyote couldn’t wait and jumped up to the star. Fortunately, the star caught Coyote by the paw. He went dancing away through the deep blue night. Star got tired if yanking Coyote along. As for Coyote, he was a little tired and asked to rest for a while. Star had to tell Coyote that he could not stop moving as this was what Creator wanted, for all the stars to move. But as that happened star actually got a little smaller and could not hold on to Coyote anymore. So what do think happened? Coyote came crashing down again, this time landing in a hay bale. Now this was great fun.

The next time he wanted to repeat this trick. The next time Coyote tried to grab star he could barely get one paw to hang on, but just as they got to the top of the mountain Coyote crashed into a tree and really got hurt, breaking a few bones with other bumps and bruises. At last Coyote learned his lesson.