Creation is in You
~ Dave Kitchen

All that exists is different forms of energy. Spiritual

energy is very fast moving energy. Flesh and solid

things like trees and rocks that are made of matter

are slower forms of energy. Light and sound are

medium fast energy. Electricity is energy. You could

not move your body without electric impulses from

the brain moving through your nerves that cause your

body to move. Your thoughts are pure energy not only

moving across your brain, but your thoughts flow out into the universe and effect change for good or bad. All great spiritual teachers know this. 

Some call it Karma, some call it the wrath of God. The one called Jesus said you will reap what you sow. He also said love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. And when someone does evil to you return good to them for their evil. (I am not talking about allowing them to harm  you or your family). What I. Mean is putting out good or positive energy when someone is sending evil or negative energy. Why do this? Because it compounds wrath or karma as some call it for them and brings powerful positive energy to you. They may appear to be to be flourishing. But inside and outside they are attracting powerful negative energy that you don't want attracted to you or your energy body. Because what builds up in your spiritual energy body eventually effects your physical body and the world around you. And if enough people put out this negative energy all nature and the universe are effected as we are currently seeing destruction all over the earth with natural disasters from not only physical pollution but also human's minds sending negative spiritual pollution out into this universe. 

Prayer and daily focusing on positive spiritual energy are essential to counter the negative energy. Work on your thoughts. Whenever I see some of these horrible things that I am trying stop happening in our world, I pray and focus on positive energy before I go to work trying to stop evil. We can not ignore evil. But we can learn ways to not let it infect us.  There are ways to fill yourself with spiritual light. So that like many great teachers evil has tried to destroy your message of light will only grow more powerful no matter if you stay in the body or become pure spiritual light. The one called Jesus was being killed by negative evil spiritual men. But he put powerful positive energy out when he said father forgive them for they know not what they do. You have that same ability to take negative energy and do something positive to counteract it. As long as you live with the delusion that you are weak evil can influence you. Once you realize how powerful you can be your existence will never be the same. When you see that you were Created not in the physical image of Creator (because Creator is Spirit and has no physical body). The truth is you were created in the SPIRITUAL image of Creator. Then you will know how powerful and humble you can be. Humble because arrogance and being puffed up is negative energy. And evil is weak energy that brings destruction. Positive energy is powerful and brought creation into existence. This is deep stuff. But if you can learn to understand this your life will not only be better. But you will have peace inside no matter what is going on around you.