Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole
~ Taina Amayi

As I think back now over five-hundred and

twenty-four years, I ask myself just how far

we, the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island

have come.

Now please note, this article is dealing with

a larger picture that is currently presented.

There are too many stories yet untold; stories

that would complete a puzzle with too many

pieces missing. These untold stories have left everyone in a void of knowledge so deep, it can appropriately be compared to Alice’s infamous “Rabbit Hole”. No, perhaps not that rabbit hole, but rather, the one mentioned in that disturbing depiction of “we scorched the skies” as seen in The Matrix.

When it comes to the perceptions of the Indigenous Peoples, there are dots being connected, or, like in The Matrix, power cables connected to the human mind, in order to create an Orwellian reality.

What, exactly, does the mainstream society see us as, in light of a growing, and dark imperialistic world where wealthy financiers dictate the laws that bind us? Which tribes do these oppressive laws affect, and how do they affect the tribes? You see, the answer is unclear, because for the most part, the full accounts of genocide of Indigenous Peoples throughout all of Turtle Island are tragically, and wrongfully ignored. There are also many other connecting factors that we all need to understand, in order to make it through the darkest times ahead. Coming events will affect everyone, Indigenous/Aboriginal and non- Indigenous/Aboriginal Peoples. Said events will affect the very Earth who gives us life.

It is important to understand the chain of events that have led us thus far to point in which we find ourselves. Every Indigenous tribe worldwide was a subject of social experimentation, with the intention of eliminating the subjects, and the evidence of the cruelties employed, in order to achieve desired results. Sadly, and to an unfortunate degree, they’ve succeeded.

Of any of the readers of this article, who can identify with the Yanomamo, the Chibcha, the Huaorani, the Guarani, the Huichol, the Awá, the Siponi… or the Arawaks?

In order to understand the full experience of the “American Holocaust”, we must understand the origins of the invasions, the conquests, and the genocide that made it horribly real. The holocaust began with the tribes that we, the “North American” Indigenous ignore. For example, William Amherst (British Lieutenant Colonel) actually studied the holocaust south of the border. He studied “The Spanish Method”, which entailed using bull mastiffs to hunt and to kill the Arawaks, as used by Christopher Columbus. He studied how European diseases wiped out entire tribes in what is called “South America”, and initiated biological warfare against the tribes of the northeast.

Do you see the dots connecting yet?'

Approximately 431 years after the “Columbian Exchange”, a madman named Adolf Hitler, studied the American treatment of the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island, and was “inspired” by the use of uneven warfare, isolation, starvation, and reservations, subsequently using the same principles to “cleanse Europe” of inferior, undesirable, and non-Aryan races, and all that did not “get with the program”, even among his own.

Think about it.

Do we seriously believe that the extermination of Turtle Island’s Indigenous Peoples would be the be all and end all of imperialistic conquest? If we are foolish enough to believe this, we must disconnect from the “Matrix” rabbit hole mainframe, and rise to the surface of perceptive reality.

Whoever believes that America was founded on the principles of freedom from tyranny, should think again. “We The People” was never meant to represent the common member of American society. It was, in fact, the representation of those whose wealth dictated laws and policies. The top one percent were, and are, “The People”, while the ninety-nine percent of the population served as the “resources” for the wealthy.

“Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws.”
- Mayer Amschel Rothschild 

Multinational corporations began the exploitation of Indigenous populations. The British military was used to protect the interests of the Hudson Bay Company (HBC), which along with other rival corporations, duped the Natives to provide the goods that were to be processed then sold for exorbitant prices to the royals, the elites, as in the very wealthy of European societies. These companies used good old divide and conquer, sparring tribes against tribes in sick trading wars. The tribes that fell “short” on quotas for furs found themselves in debt, and subsequently forced to forfeit lands to pay for the losses (sounds familiar?) suffered by the corporations. Sadly, the American military follows suit in the footsteps of their British predecessors. They are ordered to wage war all over the world. Why? Is it to defend the Constitution, or to defend our freedoms? No. Our men and women in the military are sacrificing their lives to protect the interests of corporations via the Military/Industrial Complex.

The rest of the story, from exploitation, to European chicanery and betrayal, to the fraudulent founding of America, to the uneven warfare, to reservations to boarding schools, to outright attempted genocide via forced sterilization of Indigenous women in the 1960s to the 1970s, is fairly well known, and I will not burden you with further details. However, I am going to take you deeper into the rabbit hole, which journey may be unsuitable for tender hearts.

The Europeans-turned-Euro/Americans-turned-Americans used their own genocidal weapons to eliminate the “obstacles of ‘progress’”… namely us.

The Nazis borrowed most of those weapons, and included gas chambers to eliminate the obstacles to corporate interests under the guise of “ethnic cleansing”. If you also believe that America had nothing to do with the Nazi Holocaust, consider the following: Top 10 American Companies that Aided the Hitler 

Prescott Bush - How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's ...
How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power - Books 2 READ : I PAID HITLER By: Fritz Thyssen / Wall Street & The Raise of Hitler How Bush's ...

Prescott Bush - How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to Power

Each and every act of genocide throughout the world was perpetrated, in order to protect the interests of the wealthiest people in the world. In order to remove cognizant dissonance, we must remove ourselves from the bi-partisan dictatorship mindset of Republican or Democrat, or “Right or Left”. We cannot afford narrow-mindedness blind us to perceptual realities. Those to the “right”, and those to the “left”, debating over issues based on agendas, are in danger of being blinded by the horrors coming from the front, and the back.

The crimes of genocide have grown into a more sinister beast called omnicide (a.k.a. “Agenda 21).

The experiments of annihilation-for-profit (presently referring to the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island) were successful in making our Peoples virtually invisible, and ignored. However, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” The mainstream, or “dominant” society has ignored us; we have ignored our Relatives from south of the stolen and illegal borders of the United States… so what will happen now?

John Trudell’s cryptic warning rings truer than ever, “We are all Indians now.” We have all been thrown into the rabbit hole of the Matrix. It is no longer a matter of eliminating “undesirable” races (obstacles to “progress”), but rather, the elimination of anyone who is deemed “unproductive”, hence still, “obstacles to the progress of the agendas of the very, very wealthy. How is this being carried out? Allow me to present the following, and you decide for yourselves where you stand, and what to do. I fight to defend the Sacred. I hope that I am not alone in this defense of All Living Beings.


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