Deep Reflection
~  Rick Theile
If one wants to change one’s behavior and

move towards healing the soul, one of the

key steps in this process is deep reflection.

We must look at not only the good things

we have done, but most important, the bad things we have done. Things we are ashamed of, things we would just rather not think about because it may give us pain. 

This process also applies to the healing of a country. The United States, Canada, Australia as with other countries, have committed genocide against indigenous cultures in lands they believed were theirs for the taking despite the fact that the original people had lived on these lands for thousands of years. If we choose to be in denial about these truths we will never wake up from this false reality we have chosen to live in. If we choose to open our hearts to these truths, then maybe we will have a chance to live in a world where we can all live together in peace and respect and appreciate the many diverse cultures that are living on this very small planet.

When I began learning about indigenous cultures both in the past and present, I began having a deep and profound respect for these cultures who live in their traditional ways. Their understanding and deep respect and reverence for the natural world is what most of us are lacking and is the reason the planet is in trouble. We can relearn so much to these cultures if we just listen from the heart.