Destiny of the Enix : Chapter 3


~ Daemon Blue Arm

This thing was not just some 'item', by far. The

Mirror of Tarantul was a powerful relic from

the last era. Uneasiness washed over the young elf.

Wealthy finds were rare, but this was significant.

Even the idea, The Mirror of Tarantul was in the

vicinity sent a shudder of fear through his bones.
The antique was over a thousand years old and had the power to teleport a great number of people over vast distances. With the help of a capable enough user-of-magic, teleporting through dimensions was possible, but that was just hearsay.

Why the little sprite was in need of it, intrigued him greatly. She predicted what the male was thinking, when she spoke.

"I am sworn to keep the matters with the Mirror to myself, sir."
"I am trying to decide if 'I' should avoid becoming a part of its matters." He returned evenly.
"I can assure you, your involvement will be only between those of us here." she said with a comforting smile. Then, reaching into her drawstring pouch, she offered a few sparkling, blood-colored, cut-rubies. His intrigue was satisfied for the moment.

Swiping up the gems, he converged on the keyhole that fastened the fortified iron door. A tough lock mechanism stared back at him, but he was confident.

The tiny being emitted a soft hum, as she lingered near his shoulder, watching curiously.
In a whispering tone, "I hope, I do not disturb you, sir."

"This is a simple effort, but do not stray in my vision."

She placed her hands over her mouth and pulled her knees up to her chest, mimicking silence.
Deliberately tinkering with the pins and tumblers, he discovered the intricate patterns of pressures needed to employ, in order to disentangle the lock. A final twist of his wrist, the inside of the lock produced a delicate pop sound.

In complete noiselessness, the sprite pumped her fists quickly.

Before he opened the unbolted door, the cautious rogue could not help, but to think, "Too easy."
Standing aside, he gave a gesture to enter, as the sprite puffed into the larger version of herself, and stepped to the frame of the entranceway. The room was rectangle and small. 20 foot long and only 10 feet across. The ceiling had a rough texture. Some places holes disappeared upward. There were no windows and it was pitch black. Although, the feykind could see in the darkness, to a degree, they both shared a feeling of apprehension about what could be in the dark.

The inside space was bare, except for a block pedestal at the back wall. On the altar, a marooned-colored 2 foot high, 1 foot wide stone mirror waited.

It was a eccentric looking artifact. Polished stone. Runes etched all four edges. It was thicker near the bottom that allowed for it to stand on its own. The old relic gazed back at them in the quietness.

The rogue, found it hard to believe this ancient tool, sitting at the bottom of an old tower, in a musty, cramped room, ended up resting here. The notion humored him.

Prominent wars, and corruption, occurred in order to possess it. Many died in light of its existence and some to keep its location in darkness.

Hurrying the short girl, "Be quick."

The command was so abrupt, it caused her to jump.

"Geez." She replied.

During her time walking to the middle of the small chambers, the strong boy, yanked her from the center by her delicate shoulders, when a numerous amount of large, black, hairy spiders spilled from the room's ceiling, almost engulfing them. At the same time, a type of gas, sprayed from spots in the corners of the room.

The swift boy's mind worked quickly, realizing they may not get another chance. Holding his breathe, he dashed inside, snatched up the artifact, and was out of the spider's den in a dazzling second. Racing with the, young girl, by the wrist, the rogue, unfastened his hooded cloak by the pin and whipped his dark cape around in a forceful twirl, unhinging all clinging arachnids in a flash.
Reattaching his flowing garment, he cried out, "What are you waiting for portal caster!"
Speeding away from the dangerous fog that began to build from the spider's room, she presented the Blue Blink Crystal and uttered a single instruct word.


A blue flash and short second later, they could feel the rush of a dawn's breeze cool their perspiring skin. A discharge of indigo magical residue withered from the area.

Standing beyond the outermost slate-colored stoned walls, amongst the thick trees and dense bushes, they could witness the coming of dawn in the clear sky.
As soon as the rogue sighed. The girl in the lemon dress laughed and spun in a circle, causing the tired, stoic male to flinch.

The dainty female advanced, positioned her wispy hand above her heart and bowed slightly.
"Good, sir. I am Bre'anya of Golden Grove. I offer my thanks, for your bravery in my time of need."
"Ah," he said in a light tone. "The vanishing floor was pretty scary."

An awkward look surfaced on her face.

"Um, yeah. That was,,...scary." She slowly said.

The rogue's attitude had changed now on the outside, and he softly laughed it off.
"Bree, how did you find your way to the top of the tower?"

Approving with a nod, she described a journey from Golden Grove. How she is a half-sprite and on a mission to find the ancient stone Mirror. Meeting a band of valiant adventurers, they traveled through many cities and towns, where they parted ways at the nearby, Direson. A small trader's settlement, Direson, was home to a friend who helped Bre'anya bribe her way into a package of supplies sent to the Wizard's keep. She spied on the spellcaster on the day's he was present and wondered, the rooms she could enter, on days he was gone. Hiding well in her tiny form, she was unseen for a few weeks.

"I knew the Mirror had to be in the lower level. But, hearing the monster in the dungeon, I was too scared to look for it. That's why when you came through, I hoped you and I could come to an agreement."

"You're lucky I came through." he said.
"I think it was destiny." she stated.

The elven boy huffed and crossed his arms, still holding the relic. This didn't deter her feelings and she smiled warmly in the brightening dawn.

The rogue pulled his face cover down to his neck, revealing his face. Two sets of tattoos in order of longer to shorter, descended down from his lower orbital bones to the middle of his cheeks. They looked like whiskers, Bre'anya thought humorously. His skin was tan, with naturally thick eye lashes.
"Atrail Solskye." He introduced with a bend of his head.

"What is your elven heritage, Atrail?"

Prompting a half-smile, he answered, "It's not important."

He held out her prize and the she took it in her thin fingers. The Tarantul almost slipped through her hands, when Atrial released it, perhaps a bit too early. Bre'anya's face blushed, when the Elven's hand came into contact with hers, as he helped stabilized the red stone.

"My fault, Bree." He regretted.

Smiling brightly, she responded, "No harm done, Atrial."

The morning's day had arrived, and the various birds were singing songs of renewal. A wispy wind caressed the woodlands foliage, tossing plant life back and forth softly. The sprite look around the shrubs to find a pack she had hidden weeks earlier.

"Be weary Bree. That is no simple trinket. Exercise caution." he advised.
"Yup." She agreed, with a wink.

As soon as the words left her mouth, she nearly dropped the polished stone as she was placing it in her backpack. Atrail winced at the scare. Bree just looked up and grinned.

"Whoops." she shot.
After placing the bag's straps over her shoulders, Atrail offered a farewell.
"At a steady pace, you should make Direson, by sun down. Good luck and farewell, young Bre'anya of Golden Grove."

"And good day to you, Master Atrail Solskye."

She was in good spirits, as Atrail watched her turn and walk north, deeper into the forest, with a bounce in her step and a legendary relic, the Mirror of Tarantul strapped to her slender back.
Before she had completely disappeared, he heard her light voice from the trees, say, "It was destiny."
Grimacing, he turn and made headway south to the port city of Lavantis.

Walking through a grove of tall trees, he realized the quietness of being alone, and soon he'd be home. This thought brought with it a cozy, feeling of comfort. Atrail almost stepped lively, until an eerie sensation took over. Scanning the surrounding shady bush, it occurred to him, he was being watched.

"Thief!" A commanding voice bellowed.

Atrail nearly ran, but reconsidered it. Recognizing the voice, he smirked.

"Come without struggle, and I, Gallius Von Dupre, shall treat your arrest, fair and civil."
A tall, well groomed, man came into view with a long sword drawn, from behind a withered oak. This man's dark cloak concealed half of his figure. The other half, fashioned in a light armor, colored with gray and silver, had an embroidered black tunic showing a lion's head as it's insignia. His mustache and goatee, were well clipped and dark as his short cut hair.

"Gallius," the elven boy sighed. "The territories best bounty hunter."
"You wrong me, thief." Von Dupre injected. "All the world's."
"I admit, I am surprised to see you again, Gallius."
"Indeed." Von Dupre sneered. "Months ago, little thief, you should have suspected, even in your most private moments, the Great Gallius Von Dupre would eventually claim his bounty."
"Right," the rogue said slowly. Although, Atrail's attention seemed to be with the Bounty Hunter, he actually was pinning down the locations of the men surrounding him just beyond the tree line. Von Dupre, brought extra help this time around, the young elven man deduced.
"You waste your time on one such as me. I am, but, a simple man." Atrail feigned.
"It is said, you have never been caught. There isn't any wealth that exists you cannot fingersmith. You even have found a way to steal time itself." The tall man stated heartily.
"It's all debatable." The elf retorted.

Narrowing his piercing blue eyes, Gallius pointed his sword and continued, "You have stolen precious treasures, hearts and lives. But, all that becomes the past, as of now. By tomorrow's eve, I will have you paraded through the streets of Lavantis."

"Well now, Von Dupre. Speak the name of your employer. I will arrive promptly in his counsel, as soon as my affairs are in order." The boy said boldly.

Grinning, Gallius, drew his head back, and laughed loudly.

"Lies, are your only counsel. I will finally have you shackled and pulled by your wrists to the gallows. The only mercy you will receive, will be the sweet embrace of death after you've struggled at the end of a hangman's noose."

"Are we negotiating this?" Atrail mocked.

"Have more respect for your fate, your destiny, little thief."

The cloaked boy stared back blankly.

"The only positive outcome from this encounter, little thief, is you have been apprehended by the Great Gallius Von Dupre!" The groomed man announced in a loud tone.

Several rough men, scampered from the underbrush, armed and ready to fight.

Atrail grinned. Gallius made direct eye contact. The elf muttered a word, and vanished instantly, leaving a explosion of blue light.

The strong man didn't show any emotion. Von Dupre would not let the little thief take his pride when he disappeared. Concluding what he was going to do, Gallius slid his sword back into his scabbard, and instructed his paid mercenaries in the next course of action.

Acknowledging a few shifty looking men. "Half of you men, stay here and seek out the thief, if he is near. Leave him conscious, as he will need to stand trail for his crimes."

"You two follow me." Gallius signaled a couple of veterans of the group.

A experienced fighter with a grizzly beard, riding with the tall man, asked, "My lord, you know where the pickpocket is?"
"No." Gallius answered. "I know where he will be."
"Had you heard what the small thief said before he used his magic?" The gruff man questioned again.
Von Dupre did not respond and rode without a word. There were more important matters to ponder on.

Shrouded, high above the tree's thick canopy, three silent individuals had observed the entire incident. All three dressed in dark leather. Hooded, with covered faces. One of the figures pulled the soft fabric from her face revealing the same exact facial tattoo Atrail possessed.

She very quietly answered, "Na'aya."

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