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Divided No More

~ Debby Wyman Ball

We are a people divided, we are a world divided.

We attack each other. We maim, cripple, deny

simple, basic rights to those who are deemed

"the enemy". Through the efforts of those who

seek power, control, and expansionist policy,

we turn on each other and do harm. This reality

has gone on so long, yet too many miss the

truth. It is not skin color, spiritual beliefs,  or

cultural traditions that leads to doing harm,

those are the tools used, the indoctrination imposed. It is humans forgetting to be human, forgetting to embrace everyone’s right to be, forgetting we are all related. It is living in the shadow self. It is corruption, power and greed.  It is hate, ignorance, and fear. It is failure to experience compassion, love, gratitude, empathy, and morals. The problem exists because we are driven to remain divided as a people by those who benefit most from that division. It is duplicity from those who maintain power, and have for many years. Those we entrust to guide us are simply part of a bigger picture of a ruling control, unseen and in the shadows, all over the world,. Until we, the people, society, accept our difference along with our commonality, we will continue to be pawns, and the divisionary tactics will continue to rip us to shreds. Only when we embrace as people will the tensions ease. Only when we embrace each other will our thrust toward annihilation cease. Do not continue to feed the hatred.

 The roots of "racism", intolerance and non-acceptance run deep, and, against all reason, and continue to persist. In reality, however, it has very little to do with skin color, spirituality or cultural traditions. It is the result, the workings of an elitist attitude, which insidiously permeates our world, negatively affecting diverse groups of people. Through ethnicity, spirituality, skin color, physical features, cultural beliefs and tradition, the evil of "racism'' and intolerance impacts our entire world in extremely adverse ways. Yet, it continues. It has nothing to do with logic, reason, or humanity. Racism and intolerance find root in those who gained power, through greed, political corruption and a continuing drive for total control: control over people, over nations, over resources. Racism and intolerance grow, and continue to be used as tools, with people being used as pawns to create division, for if people are divided, they pose very little threat. There are plenty out there, of all colors, all denominations, all corners of the earth, powerful people; people who use their voice, their skills, their place of authority, to incite racism and intolerance, to further the divisionary tactics. And all those who feed into this are pawns, pieces in the game. So go ahead engage in violent behaviors. Spew hate and intolerant notions. Those in powerful places are watching as you create your own undoing. They are watching and inciting as you perform their dirty work against yourselves. You are playing well into their hands.

This is not new, and goes back many centuries, and if one studies enough, the rise of organized religion and the church exemplifies how the powerful elites have garnered fear and repression as major tools to control the masses. Many organized theological entities were born through powerful political forces. Spirituality and religion are two different things. Division among the People grows. If you are among those caving into the dividing tactics undoubtedly perpetuated by forces who ultimately benefit from division, so as to: 1. diminish risk of perceived or real threats of growing societal unrest and a call out for change, and 2. to distract, by use of said division, from other actions taking place, which actions may or may not contribute to further unrest.

There is too much disrespect, dishonoring, division, selfishness, belief of ownership. We do not own the earth, the land, the air, the water. We do not own spirituality. We do not own history. We do not own the present. We do not own the future. These are here for us to experience, to nurture, to watch over, to borrow, to respect. They are not ours to use for selfish gain. The present is not ours to desecrate for self-serving purpose. History is not ours to alter or deny in order to soothe guilt or as a bid for control and power. The future is not ours to manipulate to our own whims, or for material or political gain.

There is another way: Let go of hatred, which destroys. Let go of fear, which disables. Let go of this insane and inaccurate concept of racism and intolerance of others which divides. Become aware. Stop being pawns. Stop allowing the subversive divisionery tactics and become a unified people. Let go of hate and let love in. When we understand, honor and respect our connectedness, our oneness with all that is, we become positive contributors through our experiences, our caring, our nurturing, our borrowing in this moment in time. Be mindful of all that is, of all living and non-living entities. Honor all things, people, creatures, the earth. Live in harmony, peace and humbleness. Walk with compassion, integrity and empathy.  Offer the best of yourself to all that is. Move lovingly and honorably through this life walk. And…may your life be filled with love, peace and compassion.