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Do You Remember Leonard Peltier?

~ Joelle Clark 

In the 1970s Leonard Peltier taught indigenous

youth how to create community gardens

and permaculture.

After being the United States longest held

political prisoner, having spent 46 years incarcerated for being an Indigenous activist, he is still standing for Indigenous peoples.

Knowing that times are hard and will get harder, he is asking everyone to build Community Gardens and plant trees and bushes that provide food.

When we do this we build sustainability, food sovereignty and by working together we build up our communities.

We must remain united in protecting Unci Maka, our water, land and air.
The Earth herself is depending on us to stop her rape and degradation. 

The human race and our native nations will not survive if we give up on the fight to protect the mother of all. We must continue to stand Strong in her defense. 

We must also stand Strong in our demand for freedom for this Indigenous  Elder,Activist, Artist and humble human being, who continues to set a good example of caring for our people in spite of daily adversity.

And build those gardens!