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Dvam & RvWade

~ Rebecca Balog

It was an unprecedented year in 2022 when

Roe versus Wade was overturned. This

information hit the moccasin Trail equally

as it hit the air waves on international news

that overturned women's reproductive

Justice and rights with equal devastation.

For Native American and Alaskan villagers

this is not something new this is a repeat of

history that also affects Reproductive Rights

for all within the United States.

The sad truth is it is a trigger based on trauma and history of colonization. Reproductive Rights for Native American and Alaskan villagers includes eugenics, forced sterilization under the disguise of a Indian Health Service gynecological exam, and hundred or so years before that rape and sexual violence as a form of oppression and colonization dating back to 1491.  The overturning of Roe versus Wade also is linked to domestic, sexual, and sex trafficking violence of native and Indigenous people across America and it is one of our common threads in the blanket of this country particularly for people of color who have not had equitable health care and reproductive rights. It is an act of colonization at its worse where the patriarchy and inequity of CIS women that no longer have rights over our bodies that was set in tone over 50 years ago to give us our rights and our freedoms to make decisions of our own bodies, that had an affect on many other rights fluidly connected to it (domestic violence, sexual violence, and trafficking programs and shelter funding that followed shortly after).

The sexual violence that occurs within domestic and trafficking relations is often not included in these legal rights to our reproductive freedom. A survivor of sexual violence and rape no longer has the choice of her own body based on patriarchal and Antiquated colonized thinking that is now rising and bubbling up from the political landscape. We must continue our efforts to decolonize for all people of color, all genders, all sexualities, and all reproductive freedoms so that our voices saying the loudest across the centuries that we have been in survival.
We. Are. All. Related.

Let's listen to the voices of our sisters, survival from violence MUST include choices of reproductive justice.

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