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Editor's Comment: Uvalde

~ Billie K. Fidlin

This country has faced devastating news in recent

(and not so recent) history regarding gun violence.

Similar to Sandy Hook, the shooting at Robb

Elementary broke the hearts of us all. The

devastation there continues on, with family

members unable to say final goodbyes to loved

ones - loved ones physically wounded beyond identification due to the use of an assault rifle. I know this is not the place to comment on my stance completely against civilians owning weapons of war. But it is my place both as the President of WNT and its founder, as well as a writer, to share my words that help my heart to breath, though in such pain. I am so sorry for where we find ourselves as a country. We must regain compassion. We must remember what was done to our people in the earliest days of this country - the massacre of the people who lived here first, who's land it was. Remember that pain, remember today's pain. What to do? What can one person do?


The Dog Waits 

The dog waits at the closed door. 
Circles to the window now and then – surely she’ll be home soon. 
The dog waits at the closed door. 
The hours pass and still no center of his world has returned. 
The house is quiet, but yet its not. 
Muffled voices 
People crying – sometimes loud, sometimes silent. 

The dog waits. 
Surely, surely she will be home soon. 
Sit up, lay down, circle back 

Window door 
Door window. 

Time passes 
Time passes 
Time passes 

New words fill the dog’s ears as he waits. 
Ohno. Ohno. Ohno. 
AR15   Decapitated 
Screams connected with these new words, these new sounds. 

The dog waits at the closed door 
Never to open with the hug that once was 
Never to open with the delight of hello that once was 
Never to open the way it did. 

The dog waits. 
And doesn’t understand. 

And neither do we. 

~ Billie K. Fidlin