For The People
~  Louise Hills

Theodore Yellowknife walked around his reservation

taking in all the poverty, the drugs, and the suicide

that claim the lives of so many young people. He also

thought to himself “my people are strong, we are

resilient, we are survivors, we have outlasted those

who have broken the treaties. There are still many old

ones who have the language on their lips, our tribal

customs, and they explain the dances. We are a strong people."

The next thing he thought was how could he help his people with legal problems. Big trouble is on the way with President Trump. He has proven himself to hate Native people. He feels that Native people have special rights that they shouldn't have. He doesn't respect the fact that America is built on the backs of Native people.

His mind went back to when he was in the Carlisle boarding school and he and several other boys talked about getting legal education so that they could help their people. One boy was Brian. He was Western Shoshone. The other boy was Apache. His name was Chris and  the other boy’s name was Todd. Todd and Chris were both members of the White Mountain Apache Nation.  He wondered, "Do we really have the time to go get educated as lawyers when this threat is here, now and present? Do we want to be in a position where we're going to try to go on the defensive? Our people have never won on the defensive, we always lose. We have to think offensively. We see the things he is doing. We have to learn about saving our sacred sites, saving our lands, protecting our people, and things that go beyond showing the treaties that were always broken. We have to use the white man's language, his terms. It is  time to contact the environmental warriors.”

Before he did that, he wanted to make sure he spoke to the tribal council, letting them know exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to get their blessing and their direction, learn more about the treaties, and then visit the medicine man because he needed to be cleansed so that his feet walked in the right way. No… there doesn't seem to be time right now for law school; not full time, maybe part time because he  did need to learn the law. “I do need to learn how they are violating environmental laws, how they are violating the laws of decency towards the people. Indigenous people often live on the land. We fish, we used Waterford for drinking and swimming, and it's often polluted. Someone needs to pay for these things are sacred sites continue to be razed, raided and desecrated. For sure with this new president, it will only be more of these things to come, so it makes more sense to be on the offensive than to be on the defensive, since we already know that Donald Trump has a long, long history of negative behavior towards Indian people.

Theodore Yellowknife turned and walked to what's the Head  of Council, to ask if there was a possibility of a meeting. The next stop was the medicine man so that he could be sure he was doing everything in the right way.

Everything is for the people - everything is for the people.