Interview by Dr. Dawn Karima 

Q) You're so talented! Introduce yourself to us please? 
A) Frizzo El Mero Mero! I come from the Mescalero

Apache Tribe. 
Frizzo is just a nick name given to me in high school

because my last name is Frizzo, so people started calling

me Frizzo. El Mero Mero means " the boss"   in Spanish. 

Q) How did you begin your music? How did you know

that music was your passion?  
A) I knew music was my passion since I was about 3 years old.  I can remember sitting on the bleachers at a Ceremony and a guy walked by with a boom box playing rap music.  I asked my Dad what was that.
He said "rat music" I thought. HAHAHAHA!  But he really said "Rap" and that he hated it. From then on I fell in love with the sound and always wanted to be a part of it. 

Q) Pursuing your passion is an important part of your life. What are some of the life lessons that this journey in music has taught you?  
A) Always to be yourself.  I believe God has created us special in our own way and when we be ourselves it shows and the world will appreciate that. We all have our in gifts to offer in life and when we do, God is glorified to the max.

Q) Share the stories behind a couple of your songs with us please?  
A) My big new song is called "Come Know Our Way", an exclusive sneak peak to a project that I am working on with a producer from London, England.  He came to me with the idea for the song and we barely recorded it last weekend. It features a very talented girl by the name of Khaliya Kimberly who was a contestant on The Voice.  She is also from Mescalero, New Mexico and a good friend of mine.

Q) Where can we connect with you and hear your music? What messages do you hope we learn from you and your music?
A)  You can hear some of my music on YouTube, iTunes, and Amazon.  But be on the lookout for my new album coming soon along with the exclusive track "Come Know Our Way", with dates to be announced.  

Q) Much Success and Many Thanks!
A) Thank you so much!