From My Heart
~ David Kitchen
What I want to say. What is in my heart.

What I have learned is that our white

brothers and sisters are in the same situation

with us now. There is a ruling class in

America who think that they rule by divine

mandate. And that the rest of us are unworthy

so it doesn't matter what happens to us and they have a right to exploit us, use us up and destroy us if we get in the way or they see us as a threat to their divinely mandated rule.
Unless we stop being manipulated and turned against one another by propaganda we will never see a better future. They fear intelligent people who stand up to them and make it an imperative to destroy them clandestinely.
White people don't have to feel guilty for what bad white people did and are doing to us. That is not your fault. Instead of feeling guilty, let us work together with all races and all good people for a better future. Because no one is ruling by divine favor if they exploit and harm people any people red, yellow, brown, black and white. All are precious in Creator's sight. And Creator's real mandate is that if you don't help those in need with your wealth and power, you are certainly NOT ruling or in power by divine favor. This truth and all of us working together in love brings fear to those who manipulate and oppress us all regardless of race.
Stand together. Stand strong. And be fearless.