Good Reading for Water Protectors!
~ Dr. Dawn Karima

Water Protectors, Pipelines, and Standing Rock

fill the Facebook and permeate the pages of

magazines and newspaper.  Heartbreaking

images of the battle for water have entered the

culture and consciousness. Natives recount

their efforts to preserve water purity in drum

songs, dances and daily social media. As cries

of "Water is Life" erupt over Turtle Island, a book named THE ABSENCE OF SOMETHING SPECIFIED focuses on the agony of life without water.

Water is Life, yet for many drought is death.  A scarcity of water draws poets from diverse countries and different cultures together. Weaving poetry around the pain of drought creates an collection that reminds us all of Water and its value.  Poems transcend years, ages, lifestages, regions and reasons for drought in this timely consideration of the importance of water.
From the Sahara Desert to the Mississippi River, water appears as a resource, friend and icon in these poems.  "Love Letters to Seattle" allows T.Clear to lament both too much rain and too little in the Northwest. "Water becomes ashes," cries Judith Cody in "Tasting Drought", "We pray for it.". William Cullen contains his pain in haiku called "Forsaken Fields."

Ab Davis describes Drought as "another beginning of what we will do without" in "Smoke's Story." "Everything you were told in childhood was wrong," muses Merridawn Duckler in "Advice for the Birds." "All the sky be for your comfort and what made you fragile, be ever warm-blooded, quick-witted, your wishes baldly displayed." 

Each piece of poetry presents water as a powerful part of the life cycle. Unique vignettes and lyrical techniques distinguish these poems. Water is Life and this book represents a worthwhile reminder for all.

THE ABSENCE OF SOMETHING SPECIFIED. Edited by Quinton Hallet, Collete Jonopulos, Laura LeHew and Cheryl Loetscher. Uttered Chaos,2016.

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