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He Called Me Sister 

~ Millie Chalk

One little word. Six letters, two syllables and 
yet when I heard that word referred to me by 
dear Russ my heart would soar. In an instant

I would feel peace and comfort coming from

a strength I never knew existed. Perhaps the

source of this feeling was because Russ

was a Warrior spirit and the word Sister

meant I was related, (aren’t we all?) and

through that relationship I could lay claim

to the strength and inspiration of the

ancestors. While knowing that strength is available to us all he still made me feel special to have it pronounced through his word. What a wonderful gift he gave to me, as he did for so many others. 

It’s the warrior spirit in Russ that moves me to believe that he’s never left us. He’s simply moved past his physical limitations enabling him to serve so many others. 

I refuse to believe that Russ nor his Creator had any intention of relegating his transition to sitting on a cloud playing his harp. For Russ that would be the truest definition of hell. Instead, I am certain he’s found himself on the front lines of service to all of those that are in need of comfort, inspiration, determination or clarity. 

In spirit he can finally influence the masses he was born to serve. No doubt he will do so with the joy and kindness I always received from my interactions with this great man.  I believe he was born to assist in such a way and I refuse to believe that such a great spirit would just disappear into the ethers. 

They say that it is our time on earth that is our dream state and only when you transition does your real purpose of life begin.  I can only imagine the good that will come about with Russ on the clock.  He now watches over all of those he cares for and even over those he does not. 

He is there for us all.  

Congratulations dear brother Russ for graduating to your ultimate purpose and may we strive to follow that red road that we may clearly hear your counsel. 

Thank you for your dedication and service and for what there is to come. 

Love, your Sister in spirit, Millie