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The Healing of Humankind And The Healing of The Planet
~ Rick Theile

“The past becomes the present

if healing does not happen.”

This phrase above is a common

occurrence for most people in our

modern civilization. We are taught

this at a very young age once we

leave the womb, through a form of,

misinformation, disinformation,

and misconceptions by our governments, by our parents, by our schools, the dogma of religions, from our friends, by television and movies, and with corporations convincing us to buy their products by misleading us from the real truth. It is an illusion we live our lives by 24/7, thinking it is the way it should be, a way that will give us happiness, that will give us a better life – and it forms our very reality. And for most, we seldom question it. But these things are furthest from the truth, the real truth. As I have said, this is only an illusion that is created with the many lies knowingly, or unknowingly, by the many different cultures in our modern world. It also harms our growth with the idea that we are all separate individuals – separate from one another.

Most of our time is spent living our lives in the past or in the future, never in the present moment, which is all there is. We live through our experiences and perceptions of how we see the world that only gives us a false sense of who we truly are. This shapes our lives in a very profound way whether it is good or bad. The bad experiences (especially when we are young) we tend to hold onto, and bury them in our subconsciousness mind, only to rise up in our lives when we get older. And most are not aware of this. We believe this is who we are. We never question this behavior, or belief system. We repeat these behaviors unconsciously over and over again like our mind is set on auto-pilot. We never become free of our mind, of our thoughts, of our emotions. And some just accept this as who we are. When we don’t deal directly with these inner demons, we can never heal. It is easier to be just in denial that they exist.

The only way we can heal is by going into these dark places of our mind, and knowing these thoughts and emotions are just a lie. When they appear in our subconsciousness in dreams or, awake, they dictate our actions, and directions in life. But we can set ourselves free from this tormenting suffering. The first thing is being aware of these thoughts, then end these stories of who we think we are. We can learn from them, no matter how painful, and move forward to a life the Creator meant us to have, by going into deep reflection. We all have a purpose to be good, and to feel a deep love for oneself, and create a reality to benefit each one of us, and the whole world. We have been given this gift.

There is a teaching from the world’s spiritual traditions:

“You are not in the world, the world is in you.”

This simply means, you are the creator of your own reality within. This is truly a gift once you can see it, experience it, and Be it. You go beyond form, and into the formless where real truth lies.

Until we choose to wake up from this bad dream, we can never be, or experience our full potential of who we truly are.

All living things consist of energy and this life energy that is in all things, in the plants, the trees, in the animals, in the human species, in the elements (air, water, earth, and fire), on our planet, in the universe, in all life, flows through everything. This energy joins us together as One being – we are all related. This energy is simply unconditional love. And we can shift our consciousness from a negative energy to a new reality of empathy, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, unconditional love, kindness, non-judgment, and non-labeling. And allowing this new awakening to transform in all life beings. We then experience the sacredness in all life.

If we think and feel anger, hatred, unhappiness, judgments, labeling, of ourselves, and others, or any other negative thoughts or emotion, this negative energy becomes our reality. We are what we think. And this energy will also radiate out into the world. The world is overloaded with negative energy, and this is the world we are creating. If we look at where our world is, we can see this madness in our world in the form of anger, hatred, and in racism, in wars and violence against humanity, in greed, and even spreads into the natural world. The very idea that the color of our skin, or facial features determines our intelligence or who we are. Or our language, religion, culture or traditions making us different.

Somehow, those cultures with white skin, and in their arrogant ways, seems to believe they are the superior race based on a God they believe has white skin and looks like them. Have they actually seen such a God? Or are we all interconnected beings that are One with all of creation?

Early on, these humans from the European countries had a great thirst for riches, and greed, and they also had the technology to travel great distances to explore the oceans for lands by ships for such riches. And from history it has been shown that many indigenous cultures, and peoples have suffered greatly by diseases brought by the explorers that they had no immunity, and the brutality against the people of these lands, in slavery, and death when there was resistance.

This rape of the land and peoples continues today, simply for greed, and control of the resources of it’s people, and their land. Too the extent that the thought of genocide was not out of the question. And those invading countries still won’t call it genocide.

The horrors, suffering, horrific atrocities, and even genocides against peaceful peoples, and their lands, and even to Nature itself in today’s world, as in the past, for the sake of greed is incomprehensible by these so-called civilized cultures. Even with some countries touting human rights to it’s own people and to other countries, and yet not dealing with it, being in denial of it, and not accepting their responsibilities of past injustices – this negative energy still remains throughout the world. The healing of these countries can never heal, unless they go deeply into their negative individual consciousness, and collected consciousnesses in acceptance of what they have done, and shifting to a new positive individual consciousness, and collective consciousness that focuses on what is good for the whole of the people of the world, and to all life on the planet. This applies to the healing of a country, and its people.

The United States, Canada, Australia as with other countries who have committed heinous crimes against humanity, even genocide against indigenous cultures in lands they believed were theirs for the taking, despite the fact that the original people had lived on these lands for thousands of years also have to take responsibility for theses crimes. If we choose to be in denial about these truths, we will never wake up to this false reality we have chosen to live in. If we choose to open our hearts to these truths, then maybe we will have a chance to live in a world where we can all live together in peace, and respect, in harmony, and appreciate the many diverse cultures that are living on this very small planet of ours.

This also applies to climate change, and the very way we see our planet, and the natural world. Our ways of thinking can make it worse for us, and our planet, which is obvious in our lack of taking any or little responsibility for our negative action upon our only home. Or we can change our individual consciousness, and our collective consciousness to move in more of a proactive way in dealing with these global challenges we are currently facing, as with the health of our planet, and for all life.

Becoming the Gate Keepers of our minds, being the watcher of all that shows up in our awareness. Those thoughts that come upon our door step that are helpful, and loving, and is full of beauty that fills our hearts within us, in others, and in world, we can welcome in.

Those thoughts, and emotions that are not, any that are negative to us or to others or from the ego, just say, “Thank you for coming, but I am not interested,” and watch them turn to dust that falls to the ground, and just sweep them away.

In closing, most non-natives do not have any understanding of the damage, and suffering we have created directly or indirectly to the native people of the world. They suffer high rates of suicide, drug use, alcoholism, homelessness, and mental illness, that has been caused by Manifest Destiny, Kill the Indian, save the man mentality, the failure of forced assimilation, in stealing their land, the tragic and horrifying stories told and untold, the cultural genocide of children in the Indian Boarding Schools in the US, and Residential Schools in Canada, as with similar such institutions of torture in Australia. Everything that was sacred to them, was ripped away from them.

They still face an uphill battle, just to survive. With little understanding, caring, or support from the governments, and the general population of the non-natives. They deal with the hatred by non-natives, over fishing, and hunting rights that natives have by the treaties that have basically been broken. They are angry about the little land the indigenous people have left, and they are angry that they receive the little money they get from the governments. The ignorance, and lack of understanding of non-natives towards the native people are tragic, inhuman, horrific, and against all laws of human rights for all people just because of the color of their skin, and believing that all life is sacred.

The only way, the human race can heal is to see all people, all races, as being equal. If we are willing to seek to understand of other people’s traditions, and cultures, without judgment, we may become awakened to the wisdom, and contributions indigenous peoples play in making our world a much better, healthier, richer, and sustainable place to live. They can offer us so much from their understanding of the natural world that Nature becomes a beautiful gift to all. And with this mentality of just taking, and taking for profit, we begin to take only what we need, and in return, say silently in prayer, and in respect, “Thank you, thank you for providing for us.”

A dear friend of mine relayed a message to me back in 2020 from an unknown entity. The message told me to, “Dig deep in my writing, and it would be healing for me.” We can all dig deep in what we think, in our minds, and create a radiant light of unconditional love that shines throughout the world.