Holding Hope

~ Debby Ball

John Trudell said, "I'm just a human being trying

to make it in a world that is very rapidly losing its

understanding of being human." 

I've thought about these words since the first time

I read them years ago. I contemplate on the many

ways that this is  a somber and disheartening statement of the present and future condition of humanity. A discouraging world is manifesting. It is a cold, heartless world that is determined through an "us" against "them" mentality. A world that cloaks itself in religious doctrine and stands on the soapbox of "Christianity" all the while extolling a system that is far from the principles of what those religious ideals were said to embrace.

Children are kept in caged facilities called detention centers, under the guise of a humanitarian effort. But what is humane about separating children from their parents? What is humane about overcrowding them? What is humane about lack of healthy, human interaction with adults that those children can trust? And human trafficking: so many women and children continue to disappear. What kind of heart abducts another human being and sells then into slavery? Yes it is real and yes slavery continues to this day.

Violence, hate crimes, racism, misogyny continue to grow. So much I see in the news that makes me fear what is happening to the fabric of a humane society. Every day, the news reveals horrors that defy  rational, humane thinking: a puppy with paws viciously cut off, a possum with a tail removed, a child, or children, locked away in a room that is filthy, a mob of angry people yelling racial slurs into a crowd, a young man bullied to the point of suicide because of his sexual preference, anger and threats hurled at a young indigenous mother because she advocates for removal of a racist mascot. These are just a few in light of the many inhumane actions perpetrated in a world that so oft appears to have gone mad with anger, fear, hate.

I still hold hope. I have hope that still mankind can reach deeper and find the humanity that we need to exist in a world free of greed, free of war, free of hate, free of fear. It will take work, it will take persistence and it will take the efforts of those who have lived in the place of love rather than hate, peace rather than war, generosity rather than greed, trust rather than fear. John Trudell was an activist poet who used his words to enlighten, to inspire others, to fight an inhumane system. Thank you JT, for I too am "just a human being trying to make it in a world that is very rapidly losing its understanding of being human."