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~  White Wolf

Honor lives in how we share, how we stand, how we walk,

how we talk, what we say, how we say it, what we do,

what we eat and how we eat it. Honor lives in everything.

As we create an honorable persona of all that is, honor

lives inside us. It is an honor to be honorable. Never is

it easy. We must first think of what would be most honorable before we do it. However, our thought must be fast to continue the flow of life without pause. It takes much practice for honor to become automatic. But, it’s never really automatic. The honorable person just looks like it’s natural and instant because they stay focused on honorable ways. We should not be concerned about what other people think about us if we remain honorable. We don’t need to prove ourselves to others that we are honorable. It will be seen. Sometimes the hardest part about being honorable is when others dismiss us because we are what they want to be. To be honorable is nothing to be proud about as in puffy, bragging like we know more than others. It’s just the right way to live as an example they can see. We don’t need any badges to say we are honorable. The honor lives inside our hearts, and that is our badge of honor. The best way to teach anything is to just be that way without words. To be honorable brings peace to us and keeps a smile on our face. It creates a mirror for other to reflect upon. In time, as we remain honorable we get the gift of being thankful and humble. At that point in time is when the respect starts coming to us. Being humble, honorable, and respected is not the goal. The goal is to pass these gifts to all who cross our path. That is where harmony with all that is lives.