Indigenous Immigrants
~ David Kitchen
I'd like to start by saying not ALL Mexicans are

Indigenous People. But they are in every state

throughout the country of Mexico. The largest

concentration is in Chiapas. Many are persecuted in Mexico, especially by the drug cartels. Just like in the USA the greedy want their land. So they kill them. Some can't wait to go through the proper and lengthy immigration channels because of death threats against them and their families. So they sneak across the border so they and their families don't die.
I realize, like one of my friends said, that some may not be a full blood Indigenous person. But let's get serious. Not many of us are full bloods either. Does that make us not Indigenous? I don't think many elders would agree with that. 

I also realize that things are not going back to the way they were before the colonists came. 
And that there are among some of the immigrants who are criminals that snuck in also. But the vast majority are not drug cartel scum bags.

That is why it bugs me a little to see people thinking in absolutes about this particular immigration issue. If we send back ALL immigrants instead of doing so on a case by case basis, we are sending some Indigenous folks back to be murdered. That is in my eyes unconscionable and evil.
I know all this because Sharon Kitchen and I worked with the people of Chiapas and had them on our radio program we used to have on WRFG in Atlanta, Ga. Some were simply sitting in a church praying in Chiapas and knew those who were mowed down by automatic weapons. The USA and Canada has a history that has not been much better to Indigenous people. If we look at Standing Rock what happened there and is still happening to our men and women in certain states like the Dakotas, we are bitterly reminded of the terrible treatment of Indigenous people. And I feel they are trying to frame Red Fawn just like they did Leonard Peltier at Wounded Knee. 

This persecution happened and is still happening to Indigenous people here and all over the world. Our women are raped and murdered in higher numbers than any other racial group. The murder and incarceration of our men is disproportionately very high as well.
Our adopted son is an Aztec whose parents were killed by a bomb planted in their market place.
Sharon heard about the orphanage they stuck him in. Risked her life and went down to save him because they were killing Indigenous people. While she was taking him out armed men came in military clothing and started killing everyone. When the guy pointed a gun at her she stuck her finger up the barrel of the gun and saw it was Russian made. She said USA muy bueno (very good) USSR no es muy bueno (is not very good). They called her Loco. (Crazy) And they walked without harming her or the kid.  You see she had heard they thought it bad luck to harm crazy people.

This is why Indigenous people are coming together with other Indigenous people and our allies from other races all over the world. Our Mexican brothers and sisters came to Standing Rock to stand against oppression as did folks from all over.

Good people are coming together no matter what race they are to stand for justice for each other.
That being said, it is my firm belief that just dumping ALL illegal immigrants back in Mexico is not a good or wise choice of action. Some are refugees from persecution. Deportation will be a death sentence for them and their families. 

This absolute thinking of all or nothing is going to cause suffering and death. People will still find a way to get to safety even if they build a wall, even if they have to find a boat and go around. So it would behoove the USA to handle this compassionately. This could save Indigenous and other lives. The US has enough bad history for treatment of Indigenous people. Let's work together for a humane solution and stop hating people who are doing what many of your own ancestors did to escape persecution.

Because… Indigenous people are the only people who didn't come from immigrants.

Photo Courtesy Nora Moore Lloyd - All Rights Reserved