Indigenous Leadership
~ Joelle Clark

If you are a Indigenous Leader or just a

self-proclaimed one, you need to think

about the image you portray not just to

Indigenous people or our Ancestors or

the Ancestors yet to come but even more

importantly on the world stage .

When we are told to Decolonize our minds, we are not being told to hate on all other races other than our own.

Actually, when you treat other races badly because of their skin color you are not acting as an Indigenous person, you are acting as a colonized person.  When we act like the colonizers and indeed even start thinking like them then we are acting out of the sickness that we have had to live with. 

That sickness is not due to any skin color.  It comes out of certain political circles and ways of thinking over many centuries and many lands.

A way of thinking that devalues the lives of other human beings. 

When you are creating division between Indigenous people and are Indigenous yourself, you are not helping solve the problem. You are in fact becoming part of the problem .
Decolonizing your brain is not as easily done as it is said. It involves unlearning many things and relearning others . But you can count on if you are creating division between indigenous people ,groups or Nations that you are causing harm to all.

And you still need to be working on decolonizing your brain. Before you get your feelings, all hurt here, please understand that we all need to be continually working on this. 
We have had over 500 years of Colonization to unlearn. 

Spending more time listening and learning from our Elders is one good way to learn.
After all they have survived and learned a lesson or two themselves. 
Be very sure when our Elders see you being all about yourself instead of about the people, they know what kind of Colonized person you are as do the Ancestors. 
We are in a time of great struggle but also in a time of great change.  We need to be Unified. We need unification between Indigenous people and between Indigenous Nations. 

None of us have time left to be looking down our nose and thinking that we are better than anyone else on the great hoop of life. 

My Unci taught me to let go of bad feelings. That they did nothing good for me or anyone else. So, I learned that it was ok to be angry, what I did with that anger was what mattered. 

So, let's all work to decolonize our minds and walk in a good strong Indigenous Spiritual Way for the future of all life.

The World is watching us. Especially our leaders. What message are you sending?