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Indigenous Nations Lower Their Flags

Wolastoqey Nation in New Brunswick

~ Russ Letica, WNT Vice President

Natural Resource Consultation Coordinator

It is with heavy hearts and great sadness that we

acknowledge the lives of the 215 Indigenous

children who were lost at the Kamloops Indian

Residential School in British Columbia. We stand

in solidarity with our fellow Indigenous nations on the West coast, and with all of Turtle Island who mourn the loss of these children who never had the chance to carry their love and gifts on to future generations.

To many Canadians, this may seem like ancient history, but to Indigenous peoples across the country, this is still an everyday reality that we continue to live with. Though the Canadian government discontinued Indian residential schools and day schools decades ago, our parents and grandparents still bear the physical and mental scars of these horrific institutes, scars that ripple through generations.

Each community along the Wolastoq will have their flags to half mast in as a sign of solidarity with the families and communities who continue to search for answers at this time.

We hope that all Canadians, New Brunswickers and Indigenous peoples alike will take this time to reflect upon the ugly side of Canadian history. We remind all Canadians there are more children in the child welfare system now than at the height of the residential schools, and Canada still won’t honor the Human Rights Tribunal ruling in the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society case.