~ Dr. Dawn Karima

INDIGENOUS PEOPLES FOR BLACK LIVES MATTER features the reflection of Indigenous authors about injustices that face our Allies. This book is the powerful result of empathy, compassion and solidarity. Native authors donated poems, first hand accounts, personal experiences and stories. The result is an anthology that allows Indigenous voices to amplify African American issues during the Black Lives Matter movement.

Indigenous peoples throughout North America share shocking accounts of incidents, assaults, accidents and unfair treatment.  Readers learn about the need for social justice for only 99 cents for the eBook, and $5.99 for the paperback version. This book could be shared with others as a tool for enlightenment or even as a ZOOM based book club or discussion group, during this pandemic social distancing.

According to publisher Jason Eaglespeaker, "Proceeds benefit BlackLivesMatter and youth-serving Indigenous charities." He posits that readers will "benefit by gaining a newly enlightened perspective from the authors." "The authors benefit by sharing their voice with the world," he continues. "The world benefits by hearing what needs to be heard, and taking action," he summarizes. 

Unity between Indigenous and African American people is a long-standing Alliance. Books by William Katz and Jack D Forbes chronicle the connections throughout history. INDIGENOUS PEOPLES FOR BLACK LIVES MATTER brings this precious bond into the modern era and shines a light on what communities of color can all accomplish together.

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