Interview with Anthony Black Owl  
~ Samantha Anglen 

Background information:

“The Stanford Prison Experiment” movie released in theaters last summer tells the story of a famous psychology experiment conducted at Stanford University in August 1971. Dr. Philip G. Zimbardo recruited a group of male college students to participate in a two-week experiment to study the psychology of power. The student volunteers were randomly assigned as “prisoners” or “guards” in the “Stanford County Prison,” a mock facility set up in the psychology department” (Bornus, David 2016). Since then Dr. Philip Zimbardo has founded the Heroic Imagination Project which is based around the idea that “ordinary people can be extraordinary the round table asks that people get involved and avoid the by stander affect”  ( 2018). It was my great honor to interview Philip Zimbardo’s God son who just signed the papers to become a trainer with the heroic imagination foundation.  

Anthony Black Owl is a hero on round table. He comes from the Southern Cheyenne, Kiowa, and Seneca tribes of the Americas!    

Samantha: Anthony what have you done, or are currently doing for your community at large in school and society? 

Anthony: I am a Cultural Advisor teaching where drums come from, telling history of dream catcher reasons, for children to learn adult things. I also teach origins, and why we pray with feathers. I Teach the histories of dance. The chicken dance that came from the black foot people. Righting wrongs by celebrating dancing. Why we do things, and why we honor what is around us where we came from. Meaning the story of Creation from the Cheyenne, and Kiowa perspective. I speak Cheyenne, Kiowa, and Lakota. I have been teaching the origins of songs from the Lakota people. Teaching log and healing log.  

Samantha: What do you know about your God fathers Experiment project? 

Anthony: I didn’t hear about it really until the movie first came out.  

Samantha: Can you tell me about your educational background? 

Anthony: I started in college 2016 for psychology, of people. I am a Phi Theta Kappa honor student club and events representative for the school. I ran for president and didn’t get it so started some honor societies found Psi Beta became interested in it. I founded the organization at Folsom College, and became president of the chapter and watched it. .We got Dr. L to come to Folsom lake college, and I got to scoffer. He was impressed with what I was doing with the psychology department. If you had problems with your work id be there to study and bring up the GPA for psychology major. I graduated 2018 transferred to UC Davis with two majors, and one minor. Three days later became a trainer, for the heroic imagination project HIP program.  

Samantha: What are your future goals? 

Anthony: My goal is Neuro-biology Social Psychology Minor, and Native American studies. My pre-med goal is to become a Neurologist. Be able to help people psychologically overcome the barriers. The reason is that I was told when I was younger that I can’t do something, and I thought why I can’t do this. I want to change people’s mindsets and become physically able to do anything. We can learn and change the biology of our brains through teaching growth and learning. Because of being Native American Folsom lake bowl asked me to read a Lysol canister, and he replied I am surprised people like you could read. Teachers were telling me I wouldn’t get anywhere because Native Americans won’t be able to get a job because I was not able to think in higher learning.  

Teachers are saying that I don’t understand biblical things in art history. She asked me if I understood. I said I did not - she said if he doesn’t recognize this then he was going to hell about adopting attitudes and developing an idea of what we are listening to. It is a predisposition to untruth.