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It's Catalogue Time Again!
~ Maureen Brucker

As the last of the Holiday cards stop

inhabiting the mailbox, along come

the seed catalogs.  Some shiny and

bright, others have an old fashioned

cast. All promise the latest and greatest must haves for this coming year's garden.

As I sit in my living room, with the snow gently falling, contemplating the growing season to come, my mind drifts to a starker scene.  The cold and very drafty buildings on the Rez.  Some refurbished old fashioned trailers.  Others are poorly built tribal houses.  Still others are ancient wooden shacks.  All are cold and difficult to heat.  Most with almost empty propane tanks near at hand. I am warm, but these elders are not. Before I order some of these lovely seeds, I grab my tablet.  At, I spot the EREZ donation section and take care of these suffering families.

Then I email the Human Resources department at work to be sure that my donation is matched with a corporate donation. This costs me nothing, but makes a big difference.

My next move is to remind all my guests for the upcoming football games, that I will be collecting for the EREZ fund during the games.  I float the ides of a $25 admission for the Superbowl, going to the fund.  Cold people can never get enough propane!

Either PayPal your donation or file on the EREZ section of the website.