Taino Talent! An interview with Kat  Blouch, Taino Artist!
Interview by Dr Dawn Karima

Kat Blouch is in constant creative mode.

Moving from painting to photography to

interdisciplinary media with speed and alacrity

makes her one of Pennsylvania’s most prolific

artists. She never shies away from bold

statements, whether reflecting on her own

physicality, on mortality, on spirituality or on

cultural influences. Fresh off successful stints

of shows and magazine features, this skillful

rising star shares her heritage, her hopes and

her own way of wielding art in the world. 

DK: Enjoying your art is like entering another world! Thank you so
much for sharing your time and talent with us today! What does it mean to you to create such masterpieces?

K: It means something personal yet ambiguous. I like intertwining them both. I consider it to be a beautiful partnership.

 DK: Will you tell us about your very first experience creating one of your pieces? How did it feel to start on such an intricate piece? What was the feeling you remember when you completed it?

K: I’m currently working on a self portrait collection. It’s not completed cause I’m not a complete and very flawed person. I’m in the process of debating how much of myself I want to express and or show in each piece. 

  DK: When you think of all the art you have created, which pieces
stand out or have certain memories attached to them? Please tell us some of your favorite stories?

K: As stated before my self portrait series mean a lot to me because it is me. Literally I have a piece that is a collection of my hair from the salon. My stylist knows I’m an artist and happily gave me the fresh cut hair. I chuckled because the other people in the salon was looking at me strangely while I held this ziplock bag of my hair.

  DK:  What do you think is the most important aspect of your work?

K: That I stay true to myself and never lose focus as to why I am an artist and why I love art.
DK: What life lessons have you learned and what personal traits have you developed through your creations?

K: That I have one life to fulfill my dreams. I don’t fear death I fear living without trying.

  DK: What does your tribal culture mean to you in your art? In your every day life? What are some of the Taino values that influence your art?

K: It means a lot. I was born and raised in NYC so the only connection I had with my culture and the Taino’s was through my grandparents. The internet is very good source of research as well. I’m trying to learn more about my people and their crafting. It gives me a sense of self and culture. Eventually I will incorporate these crafts to my own work. As a tribute to their legacy.

DK:  What else would you like to share with us today?   We sure do appreciate you! Thank you for your consideration and for your time!

K: What I can give is advice. To truly never give up and to pay attention to the signs that the universe or god is giving you. These are lessons and opportunities to guide you to your potential success.