Lateral Violence
~ Joelle Clark

I keep hearing how we shouldn't talk about the bad things

going on with our nations. How it just makes us look bad.

I fail to understand how it can make us look any worse than

the reality of the lateral violence in our communities. Or

how anything gets fixed that's never talked about.

Murders, Elders burned alive in their homes. 

The making and selling of meth on our Reservations. Yes if you’re Indigenous and you’re selling meth to other Indigenous that's lateral violence because you’re hurting them and at times killing them.

The same thing goes for the bootleggers. 

It seems like it's happening in just about every Native community. 

Then go online. Check out social media. It's everything from blood quantum to someone woke up this morning and decided they suddenly didn't like your face.

While from county governments all the way up to the federal are attacking every way they can our people who are standing up for life, all life on this planet. 

We have other Indigenous people using it as an opportunity to scam people out of money and other known scam artists tripping over themselves to point fingers at anyone but themselves. 

It's time to stop! It's time to grow up, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually!

Our people are never going to achieve unity and become the voice we need to be for the planet as long as these silly games that divide us and leave the oil and mineral corporation governments an open playing field are going on.

For years we have been telling people to walk in balance on Mother Earth. It's time for us to start living it.

Put the prayers up, live them, believe in them, keep them up and start learning how to love one another and act with love not greed or ego to bring those prayers into reality.