~ Millie Chalk

Every four years this country stands at a crossroads

and is asked; “who is to be our leader”?  Many have

had a difficult task answering this question but for me,

it was simple, since I no longer had a pony in this race,

and because once more I’ve drawn from my knowledge

of horses, and their basic two-part model of leadership,

which has kept their species alive since creation.

Rule #1   He/She that gives service leads.

Any expert on “herd” behavior will agree that the number one trait that establishes a leader is service. You can see this for yourself if you  spend just a short time watching a group of horses interact with one another.  What will be evident is that there’s a lot of mutual grooming going on.  Grooming is vital to a horse’s health.  It protects them from pests, skin disorders, matting and the discomfort of heat or cold, but look more closely and you’ll see an amazing dynamic happening. 

In a short time and with a discerning eye, you’ll notice that there’s one horse amongst the others that initiates the grooming sessions.  She will go from horse to horse grooming them, then sending those they have groomed on to groom another, and so it goes down the line until all within the herd has been attended to, and that’s when the magic happens.

In the horse world, this simple act of service establishes a horse as the leader over the others.  Those that don’t live in “positivity la-la land” like I do would say that they’re just establishing their “pecking” order with this behavior but, I prefer to identify it as a manifestation of leadership in the natural world that we would do well to emulate.  

Rule # 2  He/She that protects leads.

No, we’re not talking about the big “showdowns” between stallions that we’re all too familiar with, from the old westerns we saw as kids on TV.  That behavior is simply about hormones.  Even the scuffs horses regularly get into aren’t about aggression, only about the respect of another’s personal space.

While we’re on the subject of stallions and before I go on, let me explain something.  It is not the stallion that protects the herd.  It is the head mare, (and she by the way is the one that goes around grooming the others, thus giving the service that establishes her leadership). 

The head mare does not protect the herd by using her muscle to fend off any intruders that may bring harm to the others instead; she dwells in a place of such awareness that she is keen to divert the herd away from any threat.  Those she protects are also in awareness.  They know and have trust in her abilities and long established dedication to them.  They instinctively follow her lead without hesitation because time and again she has proven herself worthy of such leadership, yet within their instincts is also the knowing that they are free to follow or not.  It is their choice.

In her awareness, the head mare also leads the herd to the grazing areas that best suit their nutritional needs and offers the most protection from the elements and other hazards, while leading from the past traditions of generations of guidance.

So that’s it.  Just two concepts, service with unwavering dedication to all, and proven protection offered from a place of awareness and the knowledge that we, indeed everything, is connected, and the knowing that whatever we do to another or for another will have a direct effect upon us personally.

So with these guidelines in mind, what do you do if our political system doesn’t give you the option of voting for those at the top who best represent these qualities?  You must start from the beginning.  (That would be yourself.)  Live by these two principles and attract others into your experience that do as well.  Set an intention to become more familiar with those on the local level, and who and what they represent, then work your way up to the state and then the nation. 

This country has a long road ahead of us, (and what I’ve referred to as a revolution for a while now) but the change we want doesn’t have to take a long time. We can turn this all around in days, depending upon our commitment and knowledge that we have the power to ignite change but the truth is… change within oneself takes time.  It doesn’t have to but often does.  Be patient.  First with yourself, then with those around you, then radiate that along with love and appreciation and watch it grow!

One last tip: Your “awareness” can cause you to become either depressed or empowered.  Choose what you give your attention to wisely and attract to you, (depending upon your positivity level) that which will serve you, and those around you, to obtain the most desired outcome.

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