~ Millie Chalk


Chapter Eleven

Having a mutual appreciation for the benefits of their union,

Breeze and Snow turn their attention to others who they care

deeply for.  They want everyone they know to experience the same joy they have discovered having found one another, but mostly for their two legged partners the mighty warrior and fierce maiden that ride upon their backs.  They’re determined to come up with a fool proof plan that will put the two people they love the most together, because they’re sure they’re as much of a match as they are.

“So how will this happen?” Snow started the conversation.  “Hmmn… because our two leggeds care so much for us, maybe if they thought we needed to be rescued from something?” Breeze replied with his ears pricked up sharply in anticipation of Snow’s approval.  He hung on her every word, or signal that she didn’t think he was just another foolish colt. 

“That does make a lot of sense.  We must come up with a way to make them think that we need to be rescued.  They’ll come together to save us.  This should be easy,” Snow exclaimed.  Breeze was pleased that the lovely filly had grabbed onto his idea.  Now if only he could come up with how to make it all work. 

Together they juggled with the idea of what could be the most impressive threat without compromising their safety.  The problem was that both ponies had proven to be very capable and very savvy.   There was little around to endanger them.  They thought and thought and finally Breeze decided that Snow could somehow carry her rider to the edge of a cliff, maybe for some sightseeing and then act spooked at the edge and unable to control herself.  She could get the girl to call out for help when Breeze somehow was nearby with his rider, then they could come and help.  Breeze thought it just might work. 

Just then, Snow jumped high into the air and exclaimed; “I know just the place!  It’s dramatic, dangerous and slippery, but not for my feet.  I can balance on anything.  It’s the waterfall and it’s close to this camp so we could get this done before the end of the gathering.”

“Oooh, a waterfall?  I didn’t know there was one near here,” Breeze said in a tone that seemed hesitant.  “Oh don’t look at me like that.  I’ve been in places much trickier than that!” Snow exclaimed.  “I’ve been at the edge of a precipice on ice and was still able to keep my footing.  Don’t worry about me.  I’ll be fine.”

“I don’t know,” whispered Breeze.  “Seems like a bit much to me.  Why take such a chance?” Snow tried to reason with the concerned pony.  “Look… we may only get one chance at this.  Soon the gathering will be over.  Everyone will pack up and move out, you to your region and I to mine.  If we want to be together we’ve got to make this happen, and happen soon!”

Breeze knew she had a point, and whatever it was that they did, it would have to be dramatic enough to pull their riders together, but he was uncomfortable with Snow taking such a risk.  He admired her for being such a brave pony and caring enough to do this, but he felt uneasy with the plan. It was that feeling when you just know something isn’t right and if you don’t follow your instincts, things can go very bad.

Snow was persistent, assuring Breeze that there was no danger, and that she was in total control.  She had it all figured out.  She would take off running with her rider as though she was running away from a bee sting.  She would run up to the waterfall, dance around the edge, acting all crazy, just enough to get her rider to call out for help.  That would be Breeze’s cue to come running with his two legged and together they could rescue the damsels in distress, making his rider a hero and her rider indebted to him for saving her.  Because of this the two would fall in love and all would be right with the world.

Breeze had to admit it was kind of brilliant.  There was little risk if their timing was off and the worst that could happen is the whole thing would fizzle and they’d return to the herd for the night.  No…. actually Breeze realized the worst thing that could happen is to have their scheme work and the warrior and maiden would meet and have no interest in one another but somehow, Breeze just could not see that happening.  He truly believed that they, just as with him and Snow, would be inseparable just as soon as they knew the other existed.  It was the belief that they would be as good for each other as he was with Snow that made him agree with her, in spite of his gloomy feelings about it all.

With a big sigh the pony hung his head low and whispered, “Ok, but only if you’re sure you’ll be safe and not take any chances.”  He spoke so quietly that Snow wasn’t sure what he had said, almost as though he hadn’t said it at all, but she knew he had agreed and so she replied, “Oh, cheer up.  It’s going to be ok and we’ll be doing something really grand getting those two together.  Trust me on this; you’ll be so glad you did.”  Snow raised her head high and swished her tail as though she had won some great debate.  She was so sure, Breeze thought, which gave him some comfort but still that lingering feeling continued to plague him, long into the night.  Something didn’t feel right as he excused himself early for the evening.

Breeze tossed and turned all night.  He couldn’t sleep.  What if something went wrong?  What if Snow slips and goes over the waterfall, with her rider.  She was so sure she wasn’t in danger but what if she was?  And even if he got there in time, if she slipped, how could he help her?  Was it really that important for them to take such drastic measures to bring their riders together?  He knew he couldn’t go through with the hazardous plan.  He knew bad things happened when he didn’t follow that voice that keeps you moving in the right direction.  He was fearful of disappointing Snow but was resolved to confront her in the morning to talk her out of this plan and with that he was able to shut his eyes for some brief moments of rest.

After a long night the sun finally rose over the hills.  It was a cool morning but came with the promise of a warm summer day, one that would be perfect for a ride.  Breeze wasn’t feeling his usual hunger for breakfast.  His stomach was still in knots so he just headed out to see how Snow had faired through the night.  To his surprise he was greeted by her usual playful manner.  She trotted over to him and with a blow through her nose and toss of her mane; she asked if he was ready to not only change their lives but to change the lives of those they loved?

She stood tall and elegant in front of him, draped in so much happiness.  She was so sure.  As Breeze looked at her standing in her confidence he felt his fears melt away.  Surely she is guided by something that I’m not aware of, he thought to himself. 

“Ah, yeah, sure.  Guess it’s now or never.” Breeze replied.  His voice was soft, his position not that of strength.  He was still unsure but knew that it was for a good reason that they would attempt this game and so he tried to match Snow’s enthusiasm as they finished discussing the details and timing, so that all would work according to plan.

Breeze and Snow have decided to take fate into their own hands and play an active role in bringing their riders together.  Snow is sure of the outcome but Breeze is afraid that if something goes wrong, someone could be hurt, but he also knows that if they are ever to be together then this may be a risk worth taking.

Will they pull off the elaborate scheme that could not only bring them the happiness of being together but also such happiness for their riders?  Be sure to follow in our next installment of Legend of the Littlest Pony!