Chapter Twelve
~ Millie Chalk
It’s a perfect warm summer day for a ride and

Breeze and Snow know that this may be their

only chance to carve out not only their destiny,

but that of their two riders, in a scheme to bring

them both together and insure the certainty of

a lasting friendship.

With perfect timing. Snow’s rider appeared, bouncing into the pasture and humming a tune that Breeze was sure he had heard before.  Perhaps it was from the night before, when he found it so hard to sleep that he had heard the familiar melody?

Having the usual smile on her face, the girl greeted each horse pleasantly as she came past, saying something different and personal to each one. Snow’s bridle was draped across her shoulder.  The soft leather of the bridle was lovingly adorned with red and light blue quill work and bright beads that glittered when the sun hit them that left little doubt of the girl’s regard for her beloved pony.  Breeze appreciated the effort of long hours and great cost to craft something that was worthy of Snow, who looked stunning when being ridden in it.

The filly quickly approached her rider with the usual enthusiasm, tail high, head tossing with her mane fluffed up full in the soft warm breeze that always seemed to grace Snow on the occasions when it seemed she wanted to look her best.  It never failed.  She’d toss her head from side to side and here came the breeze to lift the mane up into the air, making it seem twice as thick.

After a loving embrace the girl reached over Snow’s head and slipped the bridle over her nose, then with the grace of a bird, swung her leg up and over the front of the pony’s withers and with a toss of the filly’s head, she slid her rider back over her withers and into the perfect position on her back, that sweet spot where horse and rider become one.  With a glance and a wink from Snow to Breeze, they were off and the two ponies’ plan was in motion.

In only seconds, all that was left of them was a small cloud of dust, leaving Breeze standing in the pasture wondering when his rider would appear, and that’s when it hit him.  The one flaw in what they thought was a well thought out plan; what if his rider didn’t come to ride him that day?  What if Snow and her rider are somehow in trouble and no one is there to help them?

Oh no, Breeze thought.  There should have been a signal, some signal to let Snow know they were finally out and about and could respond in time to pull this off.  Oh dear, oh dear.  What on earth will they do to make this work?

Suddenly the idea of all the different ways this could go wrong flooded through the colt’s head.  He was ready to take off after Snow and her rider to tell her the plan was being ended when another idea came into Breeze’s head.

He had the thought to call upon Crow.  It had been a very long time since he had talked to him.  It had been all the way back to the time Crow helped him to rescue the herd that they last spoke.  Breeze wasn’t even sure when he had seen him last, because he was so busy going on about his pony life and all its drama. Where oh where would he be now?  How could he find him quickly and would he be willing once more to help? 

Breeze did see Squirrel from time to time, and Rabbit.  It was hard to not see them, because Breeze’s nose was always down on the ground eating grass as they would come dashing by.  Sometimes he would sneeze on them when dust touched his nose, and Rabbit would pop up into the air as if he had stepped upon a geyser going off.  When he landed he would kick his long legs out to the side and dart to and fro, all around the pony who would laugh until his sides hurt.

It would be easy to find Rabbit.  He need only to poke his nose into a bush and sure enough, the first bush he came to, Rabbit came out to see what was happening.  “Hey Pony, what brings you to my house?” Rabbit greeted.  Indeed it was strange that Breeze would be coming to visit him, only because he had never bothered to before.  “Morning Rabbit.  How are you and your family doing?”  As much as Breeze felt he should get on with it and just tell Rabbit how he needed to contact Crow, he felt he should at least be a bit cordial.  “They’re fine, Pony, and thank you for asking.” Rabbit seemed a bit puzzled, wondering why on earth the pony came.  
“Great!” replied Breeze.  “Rabbit, oh Rabbit, I need your help.  Can you help me to find Crow?  I need his help, desperately.  I need him to get a message to Snow.” Breeze went on in an anxious voice.  “We had a plan to bring our two riders together to meet one another so they could become as close of friends as we are.”

“Oh yes. I’ve noticed how you and that beautiful filly seem to spend long hours together, especially in the evening when the two leggeds are busy at the gathering.  I’m glad for you that you were able to find someone that’s special.  I remember what it was like for you to have only me and Squirrel to spend time with and I used to say - that pony needs a friend that’s more like him - and I was glad to see that you had come to know someone, anyone, let alone someone so gracious and gentle and…”

“Yes, yes, please, oh sorry to interrupt but please Rabbit, can you help me to reach Crow because in our planning we failed to plan an exit strategy in case something went wrong!”  “Well I remember once, I was just a youngster, it was before your time and”… “Oh please Rabbit, sorry to interrupt again but I’m running out of time.”  “Oh yeah, let’s see, how shall we best find Crow.  Better talk to Squirrel.  I saw him around here somewhere.” 

By now Breeze was frantic.  He ran with Rabbit around the pasture to find Squirrel.  Finally they came to a tree and Squirrel called out to see what all the commotion was.  Looking up Breeze began to tell him how he needed to talk with Crow to send a message to Snow.  This time he didn’t bother to ask about the family.  He just didn’t have the time.  Before he could go on Rabbit started in, “It seems our friend here has a problem and he needs to get a message to the filly because…” at this Breeze stood up on his back legs to get closer to Squirrel.  “I don’t have time to explain!” the pony gasped with his front legs pawing the air.  “Please, oh please can you just help me to reach Crow and right away?”

Squirrel could clearly see Breeze’s urgency and said, “Certainly.  I know which tree to find him in and can get there faster than anyone.”  Excited to prove his speed, in a flash Squirrel darted down the tree and across the meadow, disappearing into the woods.  Rabbit stood there, thumping his foot.  “Did I ever tell you about the time…”  Breeze was relieved that just then, Crow came flying over.

So now Breeze has Crow to help him change his plan.  Will he be able to catch up to Snow and will he get to tell her to hold off until the signal?  And what will the signal be?  Once more Crow finds himself an active member of a team that will help rescue another.  To find out what happens be sure to read the next installment of Legend of the Littlest Pony!