~ Millie Chalk 
Chapter Thirteen
In our last chapter Snow went off with her rider

to put their plan of going to the edge of the

waterfall into action.  Breeze’s rider didn’t show

up in the morning and so he decided to have

Crow help with the idea of a signal to let Snow

know that he and his rider were on the way… or not. 
Crow came in for a very fast landing with dust flying as his talons gripped the dirt hard to slow his momentum.  Breeze wasn’t sure what Squirrel had told him but it was obviously enough for Crow to know to hurry.  “Well”, the black bird quipped after ruffling his black shinny feathers out a bit to shake loose the dust.  Breeze was always amazed that when a bird fluffed their feathers out they became twice as big. He’d secretly wished he could do that and remembered having tried it a time or two in his youth, much to his disappointment that the practice only made him appear unkept.  “What is this urgent task Squirrel said you needed me for?  Something about it being a matter of life or death?” 
Breeze was impressed that Crow did away with all of the formalities.  He really didn’t want to take the time to go through all of that anyway.  The desperate pony wasted no time in telling Crow of his and Snow’s plan to get their riders to meet one another.  He had to talk fast enough to keep Rabbit from chiming in and taking his explanation in a direction he’d rather it not go. 
Breeze kept it brief, talking only for as long as it took for Crow to get the picture.  Once more Crow ruffled his feathers up and then all at once laid them sleek and perfectly flat again.  Breeze was mesmerized at how Crow could do this and for a moment found himself deep in thought regarding the process. 
“And…”, Crow continued the conversation.   “You want me to catch up with the two of them on their way and explain to Snow that you must have a signal to let her know you have joined up with your rider and are then ready to participate?”  “Yes”, answered Breeze. 
“What will the signal be?” Crow asked.  “Hm…” Breeze thought about it for a minute.  “Wow, didn’t have a chance to think it out that far.  All I know is that Snow is on her way and my rider isn’t here and I don’t know when he will be, and I have to be out there ready to put our plan into action.” 
“No time for me to take this back and forth”, replied Crow in an annoyed voice.  “Better I just fly out and tell her the plan has failed and you won’t be able to go through with your intentions.” 
Breeze felt his heart drop.  If this doesn’t happen, their riders may never have a chance of finding one another.  As much as he wanted their union, he realized that Snow’s  safety was really all that mattered and that Crow would have to hurry to stop Snow from taking such a chance. 
Breeze took a deep breath and agreed with Crow that he fly out as quickly as possible to stop Snow.  He had no sooner said “ok”, then the bird took flight with a great flap of his wings, pushing the air hard past the pony and his little friends the squirrel and rabbit, and headed off in the direction that Snow and her rider had left in. 
Crow was still barely in sight, flying away fast when Breeze’s two legged appeared, dressed to ride and carrying the pony’s rope.  “Oh no, no…”, Breeze exclaimed in frustration the only way a pony would, darting his head up high and blowing a snort out of his nose, then he reared up and let out the shrillest neigh, hoping to call the crow back, but it was too late to be heard.  Rabbit and Squirrel simply looked at one another and darted into a nearby bush as though they were accomplices in an ill-fated plan. 
Only after a thorough check was made for Breeze’s rider to determine his pony’s reaction wasn’t due to any physical problem, he swung up onto the pony’s back, who in return, spun around on his back legs and pointed the two of them in the direction that he wanted them to go.  Maybe, the pony thought, they could run fast enough to beat Crow and carry on with their important task?   After all, he was the fastest pony any had known, but now he would have to be to reach Snow before Crow got to her.  If he could do this, they could still have a chance at making this work! 
Leaving little dust under Breeze’s hooves, they quickly darted between the trees, jumping rocks and bushes along their way.  Breeze’s rider had long ago learned that when this pony wanted to run at such a speed there had to be a reason, and so he gladly gave the pony his head to determine their direction wondering what on earth was so urgent?   
Long before, when Breeze ran at such speeds it was to save his family, and all of those from his herd held captive by the invaders.  He remembered how frantic he travelled and yet there was a splendid feeling that came over him to be so free.  He knew there was nothing to match the thrill and excitement of pushing himself beyond what was normal and having the confidence to know that he was up to the task.  This trip came with those same feelings of fear mixed with exhilaration, as the pony ascended the mountain, leaping boulders with the surety of hooves that were gifted to run and muscles agile enough to leap and land, covering the ground with a stride twice that of a normal horse.  He felt assured to reach Snow before Crow to save their mission. 
The pony’s nostrils expanded to increase the oxygen needed to travel the incline, and smell the moist air of the falls they would soon be approaching.  Breeze began to slow from being winded, and his rider tried to pull him up knowing the pony’s limits.  Being so fatigued, every ounce of Breeze’s body wanted to yield to his rider’s hand, but looking up he caught a glimpse of Crow’s tail through the trees and knew he must continue.  Breeze took a solid gulp of air and simply leaned into the noseband, once  more propelling him up and forward between the boulders and scattering of trees, but all of a sudden a familiar sound stopped him dead in his tracks.  It was the cry of a wolf! 
Breeze has almost met his goal of catching up to Crow flying fast, but none of it matters now because there’s a chilling sound being heard that could change everything!  Will Breeze get to Snow in time?  Will she have to face a frightening past?  Will Breeze get there in time to save them both or is he too late?    Be sure to read our next installment of Legend of the Littlest Pony!