~ Millie Chalk 

Chapter 14
In our last chapter Breeze has almost caught up

to Crow to tell him not to call off his and Snow’s

plot to bring together their two leggeds, but just

before he’s reached the waterfall he hears the cry of a wolf close by!  The little pony is terrified because he knows of Snow’s past and her harrowing experience with wolves when she was still very, very young.
Indeed it was a perfect morning Snow thought, to set her plan into place.  She and her rider were almost to the waterfall and she was going to put on a spectacular show.  Because she was always the steadiest of all the horses, she would have to work hard to convince her rider something terrifying was afoot.  She decided she would pretend that a wolf was nearby. The act would be convincing because a wolf was the one thing that she simply could not bear.  Just the thought of one made the filly shutter, but she would do her best to pretend there was one to bring about such a noble cause.  After all, not only was it important to bring together their two riders, but doing so could ensure that she and Breeze would be together forever.

Ah… she thought.  Just a few more steps along the stream and she and her rider could peer out over the edge to view the falls cascading down the cliffs into a vast canyon below. But before the last steps could be taken to begin the show Crow came flying up quickly calling; “Caw, caw!  Wait, don’t do it!  Breeze has not left yet.  His rider hasn’t appeared! Caw, caw!”

“What? Bring this to a halt?”  Oh dear.  What horrible luck.  How can this ever be?  We’ve run out of time.  Tomorrow the camps will disband and return to their villages and mine is too far away for Breeze and I to ever see one another again.  Oh no, what am I to do?”

Before Snow had time to truly lament her fate she heard something in the bushes!  It caused the hair on her back to stand up along with her tail and her ears pricked forward, becoming hard and stiff.   She had recognized a smell that sent shivers through every inch of her body.  She knew that smell.  She had come across it from time to time never realizing why it gave her such a reaction until the day her Mother explained why she instinctively feared it.  Even though she was too young to remember when the wolves almost took her life, the incident was so horrifying that the trauma was embedded deep within.

Snow felt that old fear begin to bubble up inside of her.  In a panic she searched the space around her noticing there was nowhere to run.  She had her and her rider backed up against the waterfall, and she realized that smell was coming from the bushes blocking them from safety.  As the thoughts of dread began to consume her body she felt herself standing up on her heels.  An uncontrollable wave of electricity began to swell inside of her.  There were no options of where to run, to release the energy, and she felt herself begin to spin while Crow overhead circled around them, crying out “caw, caw!”. 

All the while Snow’s rider struggled to sit confidently and try to soothe the pony, but there was no consoling Snow.  It was as though she had no control over her reactions, and just when it seemed she couldn’t spin any faster, one of the wolves sounded off, proclaiming to all of his friends that this was the catch they’d been waiting for, and in a flash her spinning escalated, moving her so close to the edge of the waterfall that the dirt began to give way, sending dust and small pebbles over the edge that hit the rocks below sounding a tink, tink, tink as they struck.  
Thinking she could be more effective by making eye contact with her pony, Snow’s rider managed to swing off of her back, doing so with such force mid-spin that the motion threw her to the ground.  When she sat up she found herself face to face with the biggest wolf she had ever seen, even bigger than the one she fought off when she rescued Snow as a baby.  In seconds the pack determined that the sitting girl was a much easier target than the spinning filly and they gathered around their new prey quickly, turning their backs on Snow mindlessly spinning in a cloud of dust and sweat. 

This was the terrifying scene that appeared to Breeze and his two legged when they came through the trees to the clearing by the waterfall.  The wolves were slowly moving in toward the girl with so much focus that they didn’t so much as move an ear to acknowledge Breeze and his rider, while surrounding the helpless girl - snarling, growling and licking their teeth in anticipation of a delicious meal.

Breeze didn’t know what to do.  They were on the outside of the circle, and Snow as well, but she was on the other side backed up against the drop of the cliff, and threatening to go over with each rotation of her body.  Snow’s rider was within the circle, with not so much as a twig to ward off her attackers sat up tall, facing the largest of the wolves with such graceful strength that Breeze’s rider was overwhelmed with both admiration of her beauty and fear of her fate. 

The wolves began to creep in toward the girl.  Step by step between sharp whelps they moved, as Crow circled above darting in and back up again trying to peck at the predators with no response.  They were now a tight unit fitting snuggly around the girl, but before the head wolf could strike the smaller one to the right of him started to pounce.  In mid-air his jaws were met by the fierce bite of the lead wolf and a ferocious battle between the pack ensued. 

This was all that was needed to draw Snow’s attention away from herself and her own battle within. In a flash she felt something grow inside of her, something fierce like never before.  It felt good, it felt strong, washing away all fear and doubt and before she could think or formulate any kind of a plan she found herself rushing toward the circle and into the dust that enveloped them. 

Out of the cloud of dust came a wolf flying high into the air, so high that it almost hit Crow above out of the sky.  Soon there were others to follow with cries and yelps of pain as they hit the ground.  One by one they ran with their tails between their legs until there was only one left standing.

It was the largest wolf, the one that was first on the scene and the one starring into Snow’s rider’s eyes when she hit the ground.  He would not be swayed.  This was his hunt and he would be the one to bring home the kill, back to his family and the others.  He stood directly over the girl, so close that she could not get her legs under her to get to her feet and just as he went to sink his teeth into her arm he felt a set of much bigger teeth clamp onto his neck, deflecting his bite from the girl’s arm to Snow’s leg. 

With no regard of her pain, Snow lifted the wolf’s heavy body high into the air, but the wolf’s teeth held firm, piercing the flesh of the filly’s foreleg and locking one tooth into her bone.  The force of Snow’s grip and thrust yanked the tooth from the wolf’s jaws as he flew higher into the air than all of the others, enough to send him crashing off the cliff and over the falls.

Breeze and his rider rushed in before the dust had settled.  The warrior lifted the girl to her feet and together they ran to Snow, standing there still shaking from the battle with blood running down her leg.  While lavishing praise upon the mighty filly, Breeze’s rider searched the wound with his healing hands.  He was able to pull the tooth from the leg and determined it had simply split the tendon without a single tear in the muscle.  He directed the girl to keep the filly calm as he collected mud from the stream to pack the injury to stop the bleeding and keep the wound clean.  He also collected special leaves that he tied around the leg with grass, to support and protect the wound, making it possible to carefully walk the filly back down to the camp.

The four of them were quite a site hobbling into camp.  Their approach was hardly noticed, because everyone was busy braking down the teepees and getting ready to move on.  The Warrior had put the girl upon Breeze’s back for the journey down the mountain, while he led the filly softly and slowly alongside. 

Snow had a very smug and contented look upon her face.  Her plan had worked perfectly.  After all, it was only a flesh wound, yielding a most marvelous trophy; a large wolves’ tooth that was later woven into a fine breast collar, adorned with precious quill work and beads, worn only special occasions such as the union of her and Breeze’s two leggeds, signifying to all that she was worthy of the label courageous, and of her own union for a lifetime to her best friend and soulmate Breeze, the littlest pony!
The End