Loving Creator Means Loving His Creation
~David Kitchen

As long as folks care more about someone's

pants being too low or how you express holiday

greetings instead of people starving or dying

from lack healthcare, don't tell Indigenous

People how you are so much more civilized

than we were. When I tell people how folks are

starving and freezing to death in winter or dying

from lack of healthcare and I get blank stares or worse condemnation of the folks suffering and blaming them for their suffering and giving examples of fraud to justify your hard hearts, I think to myself what kind people call themselves following Creator/ God and don't even know Creator's heart for helping humans and animals that are suffering? I know many don't have the means to help. But for those who do, it just makes me feel like you need to actually understand what being a spiritual person means. I have seen atheists with more compassion than some so called spiritual folks. And you wonder why folks mock religions and want no part of them? And I am not just talking about one religion or belief. I have experienced this from many different religions and spiritual ways. Where is the compassion you are supposed to have if you are truly spiritual? Instead of throwing up obscure verses that were not meant for every circumstance like "He who will not work shall not eat." which referred to a person using poor women to live off (like a gigolo). Why not remember all the other hundreds of places that say when you help those in need Creator will bless you? Or "the righteous man cares for the needs of his animals." 
I am trying reach hearts that I hope are not too cold yet to start being compassionate before you become like those heartless folks that love only things, wealth and power instead of what will really give you happiness loving humans and animals like Creator does. That is having Creator's type of love. And not just lip service.

In life there are religious people and spiritual people. The one wants to change you to fit their agenda. The latter wants to change themselves to be a better person.