~ David Kitchen
People ask why I am very hesitant to get violent. 
Sharon Kitchen and I were doing security during the Olympics that happened in Atlanta, Ga. For the Hunger Coalition which was located in the worst drug infested, violent with gangs killing folks, sections of that city in the 1990s. The police told us not to call them after dark. Just shoot to kill and they would pick up bodies in the morning.
We had journalists coming from all over the world to visit that place and we were in charge of protecting them.
The gangsters around us were all dressed in white.
One night I heard sounds at the back of one building. And I went to check. I came around the corner with my 38 drawn and there to my left in the shadows was a kid in white pulling the trigger repeatedly at my temple, but his weapon was only going click click. I turned and had him dead in my sights and could have taken him out. But I told him get out of here instead. (I'll tell you why in a minute.)
The next day the kid came back unarmed and approached slowly and asked "You had me - why didn't you take me out?" I looked him in the eyes and said, "I was going to. But I heard the Creator say to me, 'I was just merciful to you when the gun didn't fire. Why can't you be merciful to others?’ As I spoke tears ran down both our faces. I said, "Brother maybe it's time we both made some changes." He walked away.
The next day the head gangster came up to Sharon and I while we were on patrol and said. "There will be peace between us." Then drove off in his white limo. We never had any more trouble there.
Creator is merciful to us. But we make excuses for our lack of mercy to humans, animals and plant relations. 
My life has been spared many times by Creator's mercy. Who knows how many I don't know about? How many times has your life been spared by Creator's mercy?
If we are still here, we must have things to do. Maybe teaching others to be merciful is one of those things